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Chapter Ten

Turns out we had to take a jet to my new home. I got on, all zoned-out-like. Why was I being so calm? I figured I was in a dream and that I’d wake up… hopefully soon.
Once on the jet, I realized only Miss. Stevens, Blake, and I would be in there. Happy it was only a dream, I sat down, purposely as far away from Blake as possible. Suddenly his presence freaked me out- I mean he got me sick. Plus, he looked intimidating and angry.
Contemplative, I looked out the window. Why was this dream so realistic? When was I going to be startled awake?
The whole situation felt like a giant soap opera, I couldn’t help thinking. It was almost too much.
The room suddenly shook, signaling take off (or whatever you call it when a plane begins to fly) and we lurched forward, rising slowly and dramatically. My stomach sunk lower, giving me an empty void feeling. Where were we going? Stomach burning again, I thought angrily what did it matter? I’m dead anyways.
Curiosity got the better of me. Pretending it were only her and I, I asked Miss. Stevens, “Where are we going?”
Without looking at me, she said calmly, “I’ll tell you once we reach the destination.”
Rumbling of air pressure and silence.
Rolling my eyes, I snap, “And what about home? Am I just dead? What?”
Turning her head, Miss. Stevens replied, “Your files say you have passed away, and soon- to the human world- you won’t exist.”
To the human world, the words whispered, you won’t exist.
“Human world?” I breathed. The thoughts depressed me. I didn’t like this dream at all- this was now a nightmare. Fatigue wasn’t an issue, but I closed my eyes anyways. I think my brain was starting to explode and ooze out my ears. I inhaled for a few minutes, the airplane steadily rumbling. How was I supposed to react to this? Should I be screaming? Should I have just said, “Oh, cool.” Or maybe, pulled a huge dramatic scene where I sob uncontrollably?
I squint my eyes, they were still sensitive to the light. I hadn’t noticed, but it had been a bit cloudy that day, but now that we were above the clouds, the sun was blazing into my window. My skin on my hand suddenly felt warm, like as though I had been out all day, slowly getting sun burnt. Then, I felt like I touched something white hot, causing me to yelp in shock. Leaping out of my seat, I stumbled and fell onto the jet’s floor. I stared at my hand, which now was an angry red, in complete awe and horror.
Miss Stevens leapt from her seat and knelt beside me and began examining my hand, “Oops, I forgot to mention-!”
“That I’m a freakin’ vampire that will burn and die in the sun?” I barked, snatching my hand away from her view.
“No, you see, when you become a vampire the pigment from your skin is taken out, and it’s easier to be sun burnt,” she explained hurriedly, so I wouldn’t yell at her again.
“Pigment? Are you saying I’m an Albino now?” My voice squeaked at the end of the sentence.
“Uh, I would guess so,” Miss Stevens looked nervously away, toward Blake, who I noticed was standing up staring down at me, with a hint of amusement painted on his handsome face. Infuriated, I glared his way. He didn’t know how bad that hurt me, his being amused at my freakin’ pain that he technically gave me. Standing up, I sat down in a seat and drew the blinds down, feeling totally pissed.
“Anything else you’d like to tell me, before I realize that I have leprosy and my limbs start falling off or something?” I lightly rubbed my burning hand.
“Well, I was going to wait till we got there to explain most of your new predicament,” Miss Stevens sighed as though she were the one who was having the longest day of her life. Uh, no, “But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to explain a bit now.”
“Wish you would,” I muttered, earning myself a look from Stevens.
“Well, since you no longer need to breathe, you can go longer distances without feeling out of breath, and you have more strength due to the more, excuse my phrasing, animalistic part of your disease. Your sight will improve over time, and your appetite will also… differ.”
“Differ as in…?” I prompted, though I knew the dreaded answer.
“Vampire bats menu is mainly… blood. That’s why you developed new canine teeth that were sharper and stronger, assuming you would hunt for your own prey. And your smell is more inclined toward your… preferred meal.”
That’s when I realized it, when I suddenly inhaled because I knew what she was talking about. She smelt good because I wanted to eat her?
“So… do I eat… people?” I asked, scared to death. I looked to Blake, even though I was totally mad at him, to find him looking out the window (he was on the opposite side where the sun wasn’t blinding him or burning him to a crisp) completely ignoring me.
“How about we talk about this later, I’m tired from having to make the flight over here,” Stevens abruptly suggested. She got up and went through a little door that led to who-knows-where. Blake and I were left alone, in what would be silence, if there wasn’t a giant jet sound taking in the empty space.
I stared at him, watched him, as he tried to pretend that I wasn’t there. I glared at the side of his face for some time, and then leaned my head against my seat. Sleeping seemed like my best bet, since I wasn’t really in a talking-to-someone-I-hate kind of mood. So, I shut my eyes and pretended I was in a deep sleep, even though my mind was wide awake, thoughts taking laps through my mind.

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Frustrated, bored, etc.

So, my book is now at a point where I don't know how to write what is going on inside this insane head of mine... I just need something to suddenly go 'POW, YOU GOT THIS SON!' so I can carry on, but WHAT?! It's the question of my life! Not really, but suggestions of something amazing would be appreciated, as are you comments, they give me this warm fuzzy feeling inside, so go ahead and comment! Later, peeps.

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Before I start the chapter, I just want to say "OMYGOSH! I'M SO EXCITED!" I'm finally getting to the main part of my book! YAAAY! Okay here you go:

Chapter Nine

I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t expecting that, ‘cause seriously, I was still here. Was this lady hit in the head? Then, with my mighty wit, I stammered, “W-what?”
“You see,” Caitlyn began, “This disease is what most call ‘Vampirism.’ Those stories on vampires, the legends… well, vampires exist. It was started when the handsome Sterling Thorton was in love. He was so in love that when he thought of death, he couldn’t bare to part with his Irene. It drove him to insanity, until he created a way for them to be together forever. Vampirism.”
She stared at me expectantly. Oh, was it Q and A time?
“So say I’m buying this,” I sigh, “Where did I get this supposed disease?”
Miss. Stevens glared over at Blake. Oh yeah, Blake.
“Well,” She growled at him, “that’s where Blake steps in. He got you sick. He’s also a Vampire.”
Sheepishly, Blake scratched his head. He was in on this? What? No way…
Head starting to ache, my fingers began to massage my temples. Closing my eyes I said, “So let me get this straight. I got sick, died, turned into a vampire, and my mom can’t know… why?”
“No one can know,” Miss. Stevens shook her head, ponytail bobbing, “It’s all classified. You see, if anyone were to get a hold on this ‘eternal life,’” she bent her fingers with the two words, “It would go through the roof, population always growing, but no one would die, causing havoc. Including, it just wouldn’t be right.”
Reopening my eyes, I stared her right in the eye, “Then where do I go if I’m supposedly dead?” Suddenly I was angry and my stomach was burning.
“That’s where I come in. I have a place for you to live- a place only people like myself know about. Right now someone is gathering your clothes to ‘dispose’ of them, to rid your disease from the area.” She adjusted her sleeve to check the time, “Which reminds me, we need to get you out of here as soon as possible. So get dressed and we’ll head toward your new home. Twenty minutes.” And then Miss. Stevens turned to Blake, “You and I will talk later.” And they both left the room, leaving me with a pit in my stomach that sucked all emotion and thought from me.
A nurse came in with my clothes and I noticed my puke and been cleaned up. Dazed, I dressed once everyone had left the room. A few minutes later, knocking came from the door. Shuffling toward it, I opened to find no other than Miss. Stevens smiling sympathetically at me.
“Ready?” she whispered.
“No,” I answered hoarsely, “Let’s go.”

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Chapter Eight

“We had brain activity about an hour ago. Her body’s function was regained only three minutes ago."
What had happened? Where was I? Oh. Yeah.
Instantly, I began to spazz out, my eyes shot open. Fuzzy, fuzzy… oh, now everything was back in focus. White, bright, and noisy.
“Oh, look, she’s, er, awake,” someone called. Loudly. Can I hear an ouch? Quietly please?
The voice was soon accompanied by a face, that shaded my eyes from the raging light. A doctor in his regular outfit, but he had a mask on, covering his nose and mouth. Weirdo.
“Roxy?” His voice boomed, “Can you hear me?”
“Loud and clear,” I spat. Emphasis on the loud.
“Good. I’m going to ask you to sit up now, okay?” Dr. told me, as he clicked a button that elevated my bed so I was up right. Man, those suckers are deafening. And who felt the need to put in such bright lights? Once I was completely upright, Doc asked, “You alright? Any nausea, dizziness, anything?”
“No-” I started when suddenly I heaved right on the guy’s shoes. Both of us looked down at the mess in surprise.
“I-I’m so, so, so sorry,” I sputtered, “I didn’t-I wasn’t-!”
“It’s okay,” He said in a forced calm voice, “It’s natural, that’s why we ask of you condition- to try and prevent this.” He indicated his shoes.
“I’ll be right back and I’ll call someone to clean this up.” Cautiously, he unlaced his shoes (hands gloved) and removed them, stepping carefully away from the mess. Shuffling out of the room, I heard him call, “Nurse?” Poor lady.
Then, sharp pain pinched in my mouth, my hand flying to it to prevent whatever was about to come out again. The pinching intensified, then suddenly stopped when something dropped into my palm. I looked down.
“Oh, my Gosh,” I gawked. In my hand were my two front Canine teeth. “Oh, my- oh, oh…” It was all I could do to keep myself from cussing like a sailor. I was gonna look like a freakin’ hobo. Ew. I was about to let out a river of swear words when my tongue was sliced by something in my mouth.
“Ow,” I stick a finger un-lady-like into my mouth and felt where my two teeth had once been. Holy sniz. I felt two brand-spankin’- new Canine teeth that were so sharp that they pricked my finger and caused it to bleed. I could taste the blood, and I spat it out automatically, but it tasted… different.
That’s when I noticed I wasn’t alone in the room after I sent my shower of spit flying everywhere. Doctors were elbowing each other to get by in the enclosed space, acting as though me and my vomit didn’t exist. That was okay, though, they all knew I wasn’t dead… or I did at least.
A voice started down the hall. A hushed, angry voice. They were hissing to someone about, “How could have run off again and done this?”
The footsteps clapped louder until they were at the doorway. It was some random non-doctor lady with a perky ponytail, bright shirt, and seemed to be in her forties. Suddenly, it was then I realized I couldn’t smell until she entered. My stomach lurched again. She didn’t smell bad, though. She actually smelt really good. Uh…
Stepping in the room the lady gave me a huge smile, giving her, like, five lines around the side of her mouth. Once she was in the room, she was followed by someone else.
What? My mind could not compute.
The lady walked up to my bed until she saw the puke. Frowning kindly, she asked, “So you hit the puking stage?”
I could only stare past her at Blake. What was going on?
“Well, that’s good. That means the, uh, worse is over.”
I went to inhale to answer her, but it came out as a dry gurgle. Coughing, I realized another thing; I didn’t feel sick anymore. Sketchy.
“Water,” the lady said to a nurse. They handed me a glass and I drank some, but oddly, I didn’t feel quenched. Wasn’t water suppose to, I don’t know, hydrate you?
Once I took a sip, I asked, “Can someone please explain what’s going on? And who you are? And why someone told my mom I’m dead?”
The room suddenly became quiet…ish. Everyone glanced to each other, nervously. I folded my arms in a some-one-better-tell-me-what’s-happening-or-else way.
The lady spoke up, “I’m Caitlyn Stevens. I work with people who have the disease called Desmodus rotundus disease. The reason they told your mother you’re dead is because… you are.”

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Sketchy Drawings

What happened?

Chapter Seven

Agony. It had stopped a long time ago. I think. I thought. Because after my ears stopped feeling like they were going to split apart, they were working again, but all sounds hurt them.
I listened, because my eyes wouldn’t open, as though my eyelids were glued together, and didn’t flinch. My body wouldn’t move either. I was frozen. Freaky.
Then, I heard it. Crying. Who? Why?
My mom was gasping between sobs. She was in hysterics. Why? Did she think I was dead? She didn’t know I was okay?
I tried to open my eyes and mouth to tell her that I was, in fact, fine, but my body wasn’t mine to control still.
“Ma’am,” came a calming, deep, and soothing voice, “I’m sorry... but… she’s gone.”
Huh? Who? Me? No, I’m alive!
“No!” My mom mimicked my thoughts, “No, no, no! N-not my baby!”
Mom! My mind was screaming for her, Mom, I’m alive!
I heard her sob. Hard.
“Ma’am,” the Doctor repeated, “For professional purposes, we have to keep her here, and do the proper procedures. With the disease she had… we… we have to cremate the body.”
Whaaaat? Cremate? Oh sh-!
My mom gasped, “What? N-no, why?”
“The disease is too contagious, it’s a health hazard to have you in here now, we must keep you out of the room.”
“But, my baby-!” Mom cried.
“I’m sorry, Ma’am…”
“Roxy…,” came her last sob that I ever heard from her, ever again.
Mom. Mom! Mom? Come back, save me from being burned alive! Moooom! My mind screamed helplessly. What was going to happen next? I passed out for, like, five minutes and they decide I’m dead? I think they took more preparation to declare someone dead back in the 1800’s than these people did now! How do I prove myself not dead, though, when I can’t even move?
So I waited, but I think stress made me pass out. It’s hard to tell the difference when your eyes are always closed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here's Where the Real Story Begins

Chapter Six

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Each word went in rhythm with the throbbing of my pulse.
Confused, I tried to remember when I had gone to bed. All I could remember was that I hated Griffin and Kelly was being an… idiot.
An annoying sound began to screech in my ear drums. My alarm didn’t sound like that. Listening, I realized it was a beeping noise.
Beep, beep, beep, beep.
What the heck? I peeked my eyes open. Where was I?
It was bright and white. Like as if a light were placed right in from of my face, blaring at me. I saw I was in a room. Lifting my head slightly, I saw it was a… hospital room.
Blinking rapidly, my sight was caught at the IV in my wrist. Yuck, I hate sharp objects, especially ones jabbed into my arm. Man, that must have been some black out. Yawning, my breath was caught in my throat and I began to cough violently. After hacking loudly, I saw doctors begin filing into the room. Whoa, how many were there?
“She’s conscious,” One stated. La duh, I thought foggily. Staring at him I ask, “Hey, Doc. What’s wrong with me?”
“Lie down,” he shoved my shoulder down. Talk about rude.
Before I could retort, I heard a familiar voice. Mom?
“Where is she?” her voice traveled down the hall, “thank you.” When she entered, I saw she looked about 10x more tired. Poor gal.
“Mom” came the groggy cry.
“Roxy? Oh thank goodness you’re okay!” She gushed, “Why didn’t you say you were seriously sick?”
“Um,” I thought about it for a second, but a doctor interrupted, “Hey. Hey, hey, hey! Watch that pulse! Oh no! Ma’am, move!”
The man pulled away my mom as I began to feel sleepy again. Then pain began. I gasped as my eyes began to burn. The lights seared my eyes. I closed them tightly. My throat burned and my stomach lurched. I heard someone faintly call, “Oh, gosh, no. No, not the seizures faze! No, no, no!”
Shouting and commands were bouncing all around me, and an annoying noise began again.
Beeping, it was faster though.
Then, abruptly slower. Beep… beeep… beeeep…
My lungs stopped.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here's the rest of Chapter Five

When it was around eleven something I knew he’d be here soon. Hopefully.
Frazzled from anxiety, the bell made me jump a foot off my chair. Then, showing I was still my nerdy self, I choked on my saliva and began to cough uncontrollably. After my little spazz party, I looked at my customer. Whoa-
“Kelly?” I gasp.
She nodded solemnly. Did she know I knew?
“Why… why are you here?” I managed awkwardly.
Kelly stared at me with her sad blue eyes. I knew something was eating her as she continued to look at me. Just cause we hadn’t spoke to each other in forever doesn’t mean I forgot all her quirky traits.
I heard her inhale before she murmured, “Roxy… I… Me and Griffin… we’ve gotten to be good friends.”
Friends? I thought, Hm, sure. “Oh?”
“Yeah,” she assured me, “And we both realized that we have… feelings for each other.”
“Really?” I mocked.
She narrowed her eyes, “He told me he loved me.”
I laughed harshly, sarcasm dripping from every sound, “He loves you? He told you that? And you believed him?”
“You don’t know him!” Kelly screeched. I nodded my head, pretending to think, “Huh, no, I do. This morning you know what he told me?”
She acted angry, though I knew she was curious. Not making eye contact, she picked at the counter.
“He told me,” I growled, “He wanted a compromise. You know what about?”
Still not looking at me, she shook her head, blonde curls bobbing.
Bracing myself for the hurt, I told her, “He said either we get back together or… he…he… molests you.”
Kelly hid the blow well enough, not letting her face tug at any emotion, but as she spoke, I knew she was close to tears, “It’s not a rape,” she sobbed, “If both of us agreed to it.”
Oh man, Kelly, no, “Kelly, he doesn’t love you! He just… is… Kelly it kills me to say this, but he’s using you.”
Suddenly, something flashed in her eyes. A glint of hurt, fear, and anger, “Is that all I’m good for? Is that it? No one could really love me? I mean, who could ever love me! Obviously not her friend!” Her voice raised dramatically.
“Kelly, I do love you, and I don’t want to see you hurt! I’m trying to help you! Trying to save your freakin’ virtue!”
“Roxy, we both know that you can’t stop me and Griffin… our love. So give this (uh, crap, yeah, she said crap) a rest.” She began to exit and I began to follow her, getting wobbly again.
“Kelly!” I called after her, but she totally ignored me. Frustrated, I shouted, “KELLY.” Then, my mind seemed to be shot. Time slowed. Kelly’s blonde hair was swooping through the door, as the earth began tilting, slowly my view was being turned sideways. First it was right-side-up, then slanted, and suddenly my head was against the floor. Pain finally registered and my whole side was numb, throbbing.
I heard some one yell orders and people’s faces began to crowd over me, searching my face. Then black began to shade the edges of my sight. Eyes closing the last face I saw was… his, looking completely terrified, concerned.
“Blake,” I tried, but it came out as a breath. The last breath of my consciousness.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ready or Not, Here's Some More!

Chapter Five

Traveling back home was a nightmare; I was almost to the point of crawling. Not just because of Blake, but I felt so sick. My lungs felt like they were simmering- burning. The dinner we’d had was in the back of my throat, waiting to spill at any moment. My head was pounding, my vision fuzzy. I really hoped no one would mistake me as a drunk.
I sat on the bus, burning holes in the back of someone’s head. I was zoned out, nothing or no one could rill me back to reality. My hands clasped my mouth, clamping it shut. Thoughts began seeping their way into my brain again. Stupid thinking. Why did we need it again?
Griffin whispered my mind Griffin is taking Kelly down with him. What does he want from you? Why is he using Kelly?
Oh no. I had to meet that punk tomorrow. My eyes closed and I rubbed them tiredly, exhausted. Griffin. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
My mind flashed back to how we met. His hair had been longer then, but he had a soul. He had smiled at me, shyly, sweetly. His voice was going through puberty when he first talked to me, “Roxy? Uh, my friends told me about… you and stuff.”
“Really? I heard you were pretty cool,” I had gushed. Kelly and a preppy girl I used to chill with, told me everything about Griffin, we all thought he was hot.
My eyebrows were now knitted together at the memory. Griffin had changed. He use to be sweet, even innocent, even with his attitude. Now he was a sneering, perverted, molesting punk who was trying to kill my sweet innocent friend’s soul.
“No,” I croaked in a whisper. No. He couldn’t have Kelly. It didn’t work that way… well, it shouldn’t. Griffin needed to be stopped. He couldn’t have my best friend…

When I got home, my mom was on our couch, staring vacantly at the T.V. which wasn’t on.
Closing the door quietly behind me, I leaned on it and watched her. Something was obviously off, more than usual. She had a empty expression on her face, giving me chills.
I sniffled, feeling like crap. Physically and emotionally. Lifting myself from the door, I began to walk to my room. It freaked me out- my mom didn’t flinch or turn as I passed behind her. What happened between her and Dad? Was Dad even still here? The questions echoed in my head. I tore my sight from Mom’s zoned out trance.
Once in my room, I walked up to my vanity, sat down, and looked in the mirror. Pale and sickly, I lifted my hand to pull off my beanie. My hand shook like I was having a seizure or something. What kind of flu was this? What makes your stomach, head, nose, throat, and body ache and pain? Suddenly I started breathing faster. Did I have swine flu? I had heard quite a few people die from it. My reflections eyes grew wide. Oh no. I had kissed Blake. What if he-?
I had to go to work Monday and tell him about my illness. Quickly too.


Morning came, slapping me awake. After brushing my teeth, I knew I felt even worse today than I had last night. I was uncontrollably shaking and when I inhaled it was soar. Ouch.
After dressing I walked to the kitchen, and then I remembered Mom. What had happened to her? Peeking through the doorway I saw her at the table, staring into her mug, sadly. Not good. Stepping into the open, I allowed her to see me.
Wearily, she raised her gaze. Without attempting a smile, she croaked, “Roxy.”
Coughing softly, I replied, “Mom?”
She averted her sight again and raggedly sighed, “Roxanne. You know your father and I have… cheated ourselves.”
Biting my lip, I stared at her, waiting for her to continue.
She inhaled, “The night you left… well you saw what happened. It was… an… a sign of what I should do…”
Those words… it brought me to the real, hard, heart-wrenching truth. It hurt so much, that I tried to keep it so far from my actual thought so I wouldn’t let my emotions show. I whisper, “…Divorce.”
Eye contacts re-met, and Mom gasped, “Yes.” Suppressing the sadness, fury roared into my body, “So you two gave up? Awesome. You know, I hear nothing but good things about divorce- especially from the kids.”
“Roxy,” She calmly whispered.
“You know what? No, I’ll love visiting Dad and his wife of the month. Oh, and you and Phil. Yeah, what a stud he is, I mean, I’ll love to see the man who my mom cheated with all the time. Yay! Happy day for me!”
Mom didn’t even defend herself. Only sat in silence.
“That’s what perfect lives are like, huh? Torn, cheated, and fake. Hm, yeah last time I checked, when you got married you vowed to love, um, oh yeah. Each other. But, no, instead it’s some random person you meet at work!” I was getting light-headed. Yelling is not good for you when you’re sick. Close to vomiting, I saw the blurred figure of my mom stand. From what I could see her face, it was screwed up into a scowl. Whoa, that wasn’t my mom.
“Roxanne Kay ,” Her voice level and steely, “You are way out of line. Yelling at me is disrespectful and I won’t tolerate it anymore.”
I blinked at her, trying to clear my mind more than trying to seem unaffected.
“Now you go to work,” Mom hissed, “And we’ll talk about this later.”
Fine by me,” I rolled my eyes and exited the room.
Confused on whether I should be angry or shocked, I stomped down the street, coughing my brains out. Yeah, I know, I should be going to work, but I had to tell Blake about my getting sick- and I had to talk with Griffin.
Praying no one would mistake me as someone who’d had one-too-many drinks, I reached my building. Squinting through the crowd, I looked for a guy whose hair mopped over his face. One fuzzy figure matched that description and I knew who it was. Heart turning cold as ice, I stalked up to him.
“Look what the cat dragged in,” I growled. To my disgust, he smiled. Just like him, to laugh at cruel remarks. Even more ticked, I snapped, “Well? What is it you wanted?”
Grinning, Griffin smoothly replied, “There are lots of things I want,” He looked me up and down, “A lot of things.”
“Poor flattery will get you no where,” Came my sharp reply, “Why are you here?”
He shrugged, unaffected by my disinterest, “A… compromise, I guess.”
Lifting an eyebrow, I scoffed, “Compromise? With you? The devil’s assistant? Pass.” I coughed deeply.
“You may want to listen, because you aren’t the only one who’ll be affected by the choice.”
I felt myself stiffen. What was Griffin playing at? Slowly I asked, “What’s the deal?”
I watched his hands rub together, wondering if it was from the cold, or pleasure I had taken the bait. Smiling, Griffin said smoothly, “You and I get a second chance- my rules and all.”
It took all the self-control I had not to lash out and instead ask, “Or, what?”
His face fell when he realized I didn’t jump at his offer. Still he remained composed. Replacing his hands in his pockets, he said, “Or me and Kelly will have a chance. She and I have been talking lately… intimately. And, well, she’s agreed to my rules and all.”
I’m sorry; please excuse me as my brain explodes. WHAT? Griffin? Kelly? My stomach knotted and fell… far and hard.
“What?” was all I could muster. Oh, witty am I.
“So, Roxy,” Griffin yawned, “Get back to me tonight with your decision.” He walked a ways before calling over his shoulder, “You know my number,” he smirked and was gone.
You know what I did then? Yep. I walked into the Café and… I tried not to trip over my own feet as the room spun. Dignity is not something I owned at the moment. Clutching the counter, I breathed deliberately and slowly to stop the nausea. Staggering to my seat, I fell on it, feeling like… uh, crap.
Now it was the wait. The wait to see Blake.

This is only a little bit of it, I still need to write the rest of this chapter!

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Please and Thank You!

I would really appreciate any comments any of you may have, critical or compliments (even bettah!)And if you can, get some more people to take a look on here, I want everyone's thoughts and opinions! Please and Thanks!

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

I walked to work and met Blake. He sat in his usual corner, and I felt my face lift into a smile. Acting as though I hadn’t seen him, I walk behind the counter keeping my gaze away from him and began preparing for my shift.
Movement form the corner of my eye told me he was coming. Looking up his grin and scent greeted me. It was an amazing sensation, but suddenly and violently pain shot through my head. I grimaced at the same time he said, “Hello.”
“Hey,” I said, placing a hand to my forehead, massaging it.
“Are you alright?” Blake questioned, seeming sincerely concerned.
“Yeah,” came the frustrated reply, “I just haven’t been feeling too hot of late. Hope I don’t get deathly ill.” I teased weakly.
When I looked up at him, his pale face had become stony. What did I say?
“Blake,” I asked, “Are you okay?”
As fast as it had come, the expression faded from his face. He replaced it with a comforting smile, “Hm, maybe you should take a day off?”
Naw, I’ll feel better soon,” I objected.
“You sure?”
“Alright,” he gave up easily. That was another thing about Blake I loved. He respected and trusted my opinions.
Smiling and biting my lip, I asked, “Any big plans for tonight?”
Shrugging, Blake answered, “Not yet. But that could change, however.”
Arching my eyebrows, I look up at him, and tried not to seem over excited, “Hm, really?”
He lifted one end of his mouth, amused. Opening his mouth to reply, the door interrupted him. A customer walked up behind Blake, waiting patiently.
“You go first, I’m still deciding,” Blake said, still holding my eyes as he spoke. He stepped away, letting the guy in front of him. Slightly irritated at the dude, I got his order, and bid him a ‘have a good day,’ and refocused on Blake anxiously. Blake again stepped up to the counter.
“So, about changing your schedule,” I prompted.
Grinning his (quite literally) pearly-whites, Blake responded, “Maybe I could take you on a cliché date instead of going home to watch re-runs of ‘I Love Lucy’, tonight?”
I laugh, “You watch ‘I Love Lucy?’”
He rolled his eyes, “That’s hardly the point.”
Smiling wickedly, I shrug, “Okay, a date. How cliché are we talking?”
“Ice skating and something to eat?” He raised a daring eyebrow.
“You’re on,” my heart was pumping so hard, it felt like it was going to explode. Well, so was my stomach, but not out of pleasure.
“I’ll meet you here at six thirty. Be sure to dress warm.” He tapped the counter twice and walked through the door. I was elated, ecstatic and any other word you could think of that means “OH-MY-GOSH-I’M-GOING-ON-A-DATE-WITH-BLAKE!”
“Yes!” I punched my hands into the air, not caring that I looked like a total geek. A stupid smile was on my face, and I was feeling better even though I was about to puke on the next customers shoes. Some people were staring at me, making me self-conscious. An older man who had been there at the same time as Blake, got up and threw out his Styrofoam cup and smiled kindly at me, “You have fun on your date,” and left, leaving me with red, embarrassed cheeks on my pale face. I smirked as he left and thought to myself, Oh yes, I will.

At six-twenty-five-ish, I checked my reflection. My hair had cooperated, curling slightly, and fit nicely under my beanie. I pulled a warm outfit together and I had to admit, I liked how I looked. The only problem was my being ill.
I coughed, clearing my throat and prayed my stomach wouldn’t decide to empty while I was out with Blake. Grabbing some cash and wrapping on a scarf loosely, my mom’s voice sounded, “Look Mark, I can’t deal with this anymore. You just left and I thought you were coming back.”
My dad spoke next, “Is that what you think of me? I’m a flake?”
“That’s not what I said! I don’t appreciate your tone with me!”
“My tone?!” My dad was angry now, “You don’t tell me what tone to use! You think I like dealing with you and your sh… You don’t have any respect for me!”
“When have you given me any reason to respect you?” My mom spat, “You dump your job, your life, and now…”
“Now, what?” Dad dared.
“Now you’ve given me up and Roxy too, for what? Some slut you pick up at the corner every night?”
I couldn’t believe it. They decided tonight to confront each others faults? The night I was going to go out on a date with Blake? My eyes stung. Tears? Oh no.
Stomping from my room, I stood in the doorway to the kitchen. Hands clenched, I ground my teeth.
They both looked my way, still furious with one another, but curious of my reaction.
“Both of you,” I began, “need to shut up.”
“What?” My dad snarled.
“Shut up! You’re both hypocrites! Both sluts! Neither one of you are innocent! I hate you both! All you’ve done is slowly kill this family! You want to know why Kalynn got drunk.”
They just looked at me, guilt mixed with anger.
“She got drunk,” I shout, “Because you two were putting so much stress on her! With the cheating, no money, the fighting and the pretending! You guys killed her!” My tears were falling freely. I glared at these two, disbelieving.
“Now,” I shook my head, “I’m gonna leave before I say too much. I’m gonna go before you two start to taint my head.” Storming through the living room, I exited the apartment. My face was damp from my tears and my head was dizzy from too much excitement.
I gasped shallow breaths in between sobs. Trying to blink out the tears, they only clung to my eye lashes. In a few minutes I had reached the Café, still shaking in fury. Hoping my make-up wasn’t smeared, I looked around for Blake. It’s when I realized I forgot to check the time. I guessed it was somewhere around six thirty. I sniffled and coughed when suddenly, as if out of air, he was there.
“Roxy?” he asked, “Are you okay?”
My lower lip trembled. “Yeah,” I croaked.
He shook his head and grabbed my left hand. Lifting his right hand, he began to wipe my tears. His finger tips were cold from the winter air, but soft all the same. His touch felt amazing. We’d never touched until now, and now that we did, I hoped he wouldn’t stop.
“What happened?” Blake asked, concerned, and looked me straight in the eye. When I looked back into his beautiful eyes, more tears flowed, and my lips trembled again.
“It’s my parents,” I began in a hoarse whisper.

I ended up telling him everything. About my dad, my mom, my sister, tonight. It felt good to tell him everything, having some one to confide in. We began to walk to the ice rink while I explained. Blake listened carefully, spoke when appropriate, and nodded in understanding. When I stopped rambling he asked, “Now, who was this girl you were with when I first saw you?”
Oh, “Kelly,” I tell him.
“Is she a friend of yours?”
“Is. Was. She suddenly changed into some weirdo that yells at me for…”
“For?” Blake prompted.
“Well, I broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago,” I admitted, feeling uncomfortable at having told him of my psycho ex, “And whenever I would insult him, she would defend his actions.”
Blake thought for a moment, before asking, “Do you know why?”
Guiltily I reply, “I have my suspicions.”
He nodded, and stared off to space. Then, turning to stare at me, he smiled kindly and told me, “Well, let’s try to clear your mind tonight. Have some fun, hm?”
I smile sadly back, “Sounds good.”