Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Been Too Long!

Wow, sorry for not posting! It's been a while since I've had that feeling that what I'm writing is good. I'm having the same problem as Jayden's Author: I know what I want to write, but how do I put it into words? I'm finally starting to write again, trying to push my way out of this Writing Block.

But this writing block has allowed me to enjoy the rest of your guys' blogs! Like the amazing adventures we have on Icewolf's blog! It's so much fun! All of our characters coming together to have a ridiculously good time. I love it!

Well, I'm just posting so ya'll know I'm still alive! I'll probably be posting soon! Bye, bye!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roxy's Story Again!

Yay! Here's some more of my original book!

Chapter Thirteen

After classes were over, everyone was back in their ‘dorms’ and I began freaking out. Kelsey would be there soon. It’s not so much that I’m scared of her, it’s just that I’m scared of her next dramatic scene and if it involves me being chased by rabid animals. I heard her voice leading down the hall as she talked to someone.
“Who does that lady think she is? Sure I didn’t do that last assignment, but gosh, it’s optional on whether or not we can take it, so why should I have to turn in some stupid assignment? It just seems stupid.”
“Yeah, but,” It was Clara, “When you signed up for these classes, you signed up for it all; the work, the time, everything.”
“Whatever,” Kelsey sighed, and I could just imagine her rolling those deadly blue eyes, “I still say it’s…” And that’s about the time she entered the room and saw me sitting on my bed, bored to tears.
Her jaw was set as she entered the room. Chucking her purse onto her own bed, her full undivided attention was turned toward me.
“So,” she nearly snarled, “What was with that stunt you pulled at lunch?”
“Stunt?” An innocent expression was placed across my face, “Hm, from what I remember… I believe that I was just having a pleasant conversation.” Her eyes turned from searing to deadly, when I snapped my fingers, as though remembering something, “Oh yeah, and then I remember it turned sour when this witch came out of no where… and her ugly face turned me off my lunch. But nope… I don’t remember any stunt.”
“Why do you have to be such a…” I watched as she tried to rephrase the words that were about to spew, “Such a… brat? I hadn’t even said anything when I came up, and suddenly you attack me by calling me superficial? I mean what’s up with that? Blake told me you were a little-!” But then, something caught a sparkle in her eyes. Her face suddenly changed, from pissed-off-pout to wicked-witch-smile.
“Wait a second,” she cackled, “Do you… have a thing for Blake?”
My eyebrows raised, “Excuse me?” Did she know? About Blake and I? Did she not even care?
“You!” She pointed accusingly, though she looked totally amused, “You like Blake! Don’t you?” And this time, Kelsey actually let out a full blown giggle, “Omygosh!”
“Wait, who’s feeding you this?” I asked, finally standing, totally freaked out. No way did I want Kelsey to have this to hang over my head.
“Do you really think that Blake would ever take a chance with you?” Kelsey pounced on me then (not literally), “You so aren’t what he’s looking for. You’re just trouble, in both looks and class.”
“Okay, look, I get that he’s your boyfriend, so I understand that you’d be jealous if someone else took an interest in him,” I said, hands held up in a surrender, “But honestly, I’m not interested-.”
“That’s good,” she snapped rabidly, “Because it wouldn’t happen.” Her arms were folded over her chest.
I wanted to pound her face in. No, actually, I wanted to scream at her, “Then why did he kiss me?”- she was so catty. But in no way would I sink to her level.
“Get over yourself, Kelsey,” Is what I went with, “Guys are attracted by new and pretty-as soon as another pretty face comes waltzing by, you’ll be left in the dust, blowing your plastic-surgerized nose into tissues and drowning yourself in chocolate. Then what will you have to say about me? Because by then, we’ll be even.”
That awarded me another death-glare. I didn’t care, I spoke from experience. She didn’t say anything, probably shocked by my response.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me,” I shoved by her, entering the hallway.
I decided to go and find Clara’s room, maybe she could help calm me down. The door was open allowing me to see Clara lying on her bed reading a book that read, “Vampire’s Guide to Living” which I found ironic. These people had a twisted sense of humor.
Knocking on the doorway’s panel, I say, “Hey Clara, do you mind if I hang here for a bit?”
Her head shot my way, and she smiled, “Sure, I heard you and Kelsey’s little, uh, dispute.”
I laughed, “Yeah, you could call it that.” Entering, I sat on the bed opposite of hers. It was a lot more comfy than my own, being that she had comforters that qualified in the ‘comfort’ area. Then I wondered again, this time aloud, “Hey, who’s your roommate?”
Repositioning herself, she sat up on her bed and said, “Sadie Layton, she’s not very social.”
“Like a Zoey non-social?”
“No, not in a gothic sort of way, in a quiet, book sort of way,” she points to a pile of books, only further proving her statement. And not just normal books either, but long novels thicker than my arm, “But she hasn’t come back from class today.” Her brow puckered, “She said that she had to speak to the teacher…”
“What about?”
“I don’t know, but lately she’s been acting a little strange.”
“How so?” I asked. I pick up one of the books, and open it up. It was full of ‘Ye Olde English” so I closed it, returning my attention to Clara. She looked sincerely concerned about her roommate’s being gone.
“Well, there’s this thing that vampires can go through-,” She began, but was cut off when a loud yelp came from the room next door. “Justin?” Clara called

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm having a problem with my comment-thing!! It's not letting me see any of my own comments, and I don't know what to do, so sorry if I don't thank you for your compliments or write back with my witty comments! I just don't know what to do!

Monday, July 5, 2010

(Ew) Eclipse

I'm going to be one of those movie reviewer-people, okay? The movie to review- Eclipse.
While girls scream the name "Edward, Jacob, Robert, Taylor," I just go into the movie, hoping none of my guy friends see me go in. The first two movies were awful, but I thought I'd give the third a shot. Once inside, there was this cool lady who offered us seats next to her, RIGHT IN THE CENTER! (Now I'm Team Lady-in-the-seat-next-to-us!) The movie begins playing, and I'm already beggining to get the giggles! Let's just say, through out the whole movie, you can only hear me snorting in laughter into Raven's arm. I didn't want some crazed fan to tackle me because I was too loud. I'm also a Team Charlie, just because that guy keeps it real. Oh, but the best part is what Raven told me afterwards. The same lady sitting next to us? When Edward grumbled in his flared-nostriled way, "Doesn't he own a shirt?" The lady said, "Luckily for me he doesn't!" So the only GOOD part about that whole freakin' movie, was the laughter I got from it! STUPIDEST MOVIE EVA! I hate the Twilight Series. Two thumbs down.