Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More From Alex!

Holy Crap this is a long chapter...

Chapter 1

I open my eyes. The memory was so clear, yet how could that be? I had been unconscious during that time. It couldn’t be possible, but yet I know it had happened. My brown hair whipped around as blue flashed in front of my eyes. My shape-shifting was getting the better of me. My eyes kept shifting color. Blue is sad and confused. I also know that silver means fear. I only knew that much of myself. You can’t blame me; I barely started my life today.
It has been an hour since our escape. I remember it also, so perfectly.
They took us from the dark room to a lab-looking place. They waited for us to awake. When I pretended to wake from my sleep, I saw unfamiliar faces beaming greedily at me. Although, it’s not like I know any familiar faces at all.
Terrified, I started looking around at my threatening surroundings. I looked down at my arm to find an IV clamped to it. A flare of emotion went through me. Fear. They saw my eyes shift from a light blue to a silver. They seemed happy about my fear, only because I had shifted. They made frightening movements, like they started to mess with my IV, and asking each other about my pulse and what I was feeling. My pulse was going really fast. I looked to my left. The other female was still unconscious, and the blonde male was awake, with his eyes wide sharing my terror.
A big man came beside me, and then told me to sit up, but since I was still adjusting to my surroundings, I didn’t move. He then forced me up, by pushing me to sitting position. My instincts told me to react, so I did. I shoved my palm to his nose. Bad choice.
The man swore and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling me from where I was sitting, to what looked like a bed. It pushed the IV over and the pole it was connected to. That made his fellow employees angry, and told him to be more careful. The man grumbled things that no one, but I, would be able to hear.
I must have broken his nose, because it was bleeding heavily and he told someone to do my check up while he cleaned up. The man who was now doing my check up looked Japanese and had big, thick glasses. He told me to kick when he hit my leg with a tiny hammer, to practice my reflexes (hadn’t he learned from his, now bleeding, friend what my reflexes are like?).
Well, he was about to learn now. The millisecond (yes, millisecond!) he hit my leg I kicked, really hard. I got him in his scrawny stomach and he let out a big “huff!”. He fell to the ground and started to moan. I pulled away and curled my knees to my chest and put my arms around them, hoping I wouldn’t look threatening especially since I had injured two of their workers. Two other white coats helped the man up and looked at me half approving and half afraid. I tightened myself up and stared at my toes.
No one came up to me. They where now talking to the blonde boy. I let my eyes wander once again. The lab had strange machines that were big and bulky. I was afraid of what they wanted with us. What they wanted to do with us. I shuddered at the thought. I looked at the blonde boy again. He was being tested on his reflexes. The white-coat who tested him had learned from the Japanese man. He stood to the side where there was no possible way of injury. Smart.
The man whom I gave bloody nose to was now reentering the room. He came up to me and looked at my IV. After pulling it from my wrist (It kind of grossed me out when he did so), He told me to come with him, though he never really looked at me. He grabbed my neck and steered me to a new room, down the hall and the door to the left. I saw the room was empty besides a bed.
“Sit” He growled as if I was going to do something other wise. I did as he told and sat on the strange bed. The big man left the room, but as he did so a faint ‘click’ assured me that he had locked the door. I sat in what would have been straining silence, but my hearing let me keep up with what was going on outside these four walls.
The other two “Supers” must have woke because more voices were questioning at once. Some questions were, “Any nauseous feelings?”, “Do you hear this?”, “Can you flex for me?” which worried me, for what was going to happen to me? Why was I alone in a strange room locked away from others? Was something wrong with me and they needed to do something to “fix” me?
Pounding footsteps echoed down the halls making my ears hurt. Then with a noise of unlocking the door, the big man and someone in a uniform came inside. Closing the door behind them, a language I did not know came from their tongues.
The big man came behind me and grabbed my wrist. Not wanting to force him into another nose bleeding incident, I tried not to spazz out from the threatening clench, although I did flinch at his touch. He flexed my arm for me, showing off my biceps and buzzing a beeper that has a high noise that I could hear.
The uniformed man was fascinated and came up to me so we were face to face. His pale gray eyes to my terrified silver. He said something in his strange language again.
“Shift for him.” The big man pressured me. I looked to him with pleading eyes, for I did not know how to shift anything accept my eyes. I felt beads of sweat on my neck, making me feel more self conscious. The uniformed mans’ eye brows met in a V shape, and his wrinkled face frowned and told the big lab coated man something. So the big man forced, “Shift.”
I had no voice. For, I didn’t know how to explain without upsetting him. Finally my mouth let me escape, “Ah- I…don’…” it made no sense, but I hoped he would understand. Instead, though he looked surprised and said, “What? What do you want?”
I just shook my head and said, “I can’t…can’t…,” and after I said that the White coated man asked, “What do you mean you ca-?” then stopped his self. He frowned at his realization of my words. To the uniformed man he informed the news. He looked upset and yelled at white-coat and turned on his heel to leave.
I saw dread in the big mans eyes, “Non! Non-!” that’s all I heard before they left the room. What had I done? Did I offend the man? Why do I care? Should I? These questions popped into my head, because I didn’t know what would happen to me. I once again curled into a ball and waited for the outcome of my future.
Yelling came from outside the room, and thuds of footsteps followed. I wanted to run and hide, but where? I sat still, waiting. For what, I did not know. I just listened to the yelling, as it got closer.
Then the dirty man that was in the dark room with me before, came in and looked wild eyed at me. “You!” He spat. In the same tongue the uniformed man used, he yelled at me, which probably were really rude remarks, for the big man grabbed him on the shoulder and told him to calm down.
“How can I calm down? That imbecile has ruined everything! She can’t shift! Why can’t she? According to the computer she should have the ability! Pour quoi I’OH pour qoui a fait ceci arrivent a moi?”
The bigger man looked furious at his remarks, “You think you’re the only one who will suffer? What will he think of me when he finds out I was the one to create her?”
The dirty faced man glared and looked at me again, “Maybe we have a chance. Maybe she can. Maybe… Maybe she just doesn’t know how.” He seemed to like the idea.
The Big man smiled and looked at me just as greedily as if I was the most precious, most valuable jewel. But after his smile, a frown masked it, “But how can we get her to shift? If she doesn’t know how then…”
Dirty faced man also frowned. He thought over it for an amount of time, then, “Well, she might have to pressure her mind, and think of the way she wants to transform. It can’t be that complicated.” They again eyed me angrily, but curiously.
This was too much for me to take in. They talked about me as though I were not there, and as if I were an ‘it’, and not a human. On top of that, though, they made fast movements that made me feel threatened again. They grabbed me to take me out of the room.
Dirty face hissed at me, “You may have displeased the General, but I guarantee it won’t happen again.”
That was it. I snapped. These people had given me one too many threats. I sprung into action, ripping my arms from them and kicking dirty faces’ shin. While he let out a yelp of pain, I kicked him in the stomach so he would fall down. The bigger man grabbed my hand as I tried to run for the door. With my abnormal strength I pulled him over my head, flipping him onto the ground with a loud “wham!” I ran for to the door and slammed it loudly behind me.
I looked around me to see all the white-coats staring at me. Now what? I left two injured men in a room, who, could come out at any moment. I had to think. And fast. For me though, thinking fast wasn’t that hard.
I walked casually out acting like everything was normal. I went to one of my kind and was about to whisper something to them, but then, “Where’d it go? Where’d she run off to? We gotta-!”
The two men ran into the room. I froze thinking out the rest of my plan, but they were too close. Deciding that it was too dangerous to think it out now, so I grabbed one of their (don’t know which one’s) outstretched hands and twisted it. I then threw him (I found out it was Dirty-face) on the ground. I then dived between the big mans’ legs and kicked him, so he would fall on his stomach.
The other white coats were gaining on me, so I turned to the blonde boy and shouted, “Run! Get out of here! Hurry!” as soon as I finished I was grabbed by my hand.
Struggling, I turn my head to see if Blondie had run. Instead he looked at me with wide eyes.
Finally I yelled infuriated, “Let go! I’M NOT YOU’RE PRISONER!” with that said, I gave the lady a good knee in the ribs, knocking her out of breath.
“When I say ‘run’,” I turned on Blondie, “I mean RUN-!” someone had put their grotesque hand over my open mouth. I gagged and started to scream. My scream is loud and can be very shrill.
“SHUT UP!” shouted my abductor, “YOU IMBUCEL! I WILL NOT LET YOU ESCAPE!” My elbow rammed into him and I grabbed the boys’ wrist, “C’mon! Let’s get the other two!”
I forced him to his feet and dragged him to where the other two were. I hid behind a bed so that no one could see me, “If you want to escape come with me, but if you wanna live in captivity like a chimpanzee go ahead! I’m breaking out!” Letting go of what’s- his- names wrist and squatted behind some metal object. I said, “What’ll it be? And choose fast!” I could hear the footsteps of all the white coats running frantically, looking for me. None of them responded. I felt a pang of annoyance towards these three, but I stayed low waiting for anything from them at all.
“Ah, ha! Gotcha you little-!” My hair was being yanked from its roots. I screamed again flinging my arms everywhere. I heard someone yell, “Get the boy! I think he’s trying to escape with her! Grab ‘em!”
No!, I thought, This is all my fault! Don’t drag him down with me! “No, Let him go! He didn’t-!,” I was cut off by someone who told me, “You’re in enough trouble all ready, don’t make us give you more punishment.”
I would have cried right there if I wasn’t so determined to get us out of here. I fell limp for a second. Now what?? I didn’t know what to do. It was over.
Then, THUD!
“AH!” Someone yelled, “YOU BLASTED BOY!” It seemed that Blondie was fighting back. I saw a man against a wall, the wall was cracked, and his nose bleeding, his head bruised (he was bald so it was easy to see). Blondie was rushing toward me, with five scientists behind him. He punched the creep, who was holding my hair. Once my hair was mine again I said, “I take it you want out of here?” After that we socked the lab coats and ran towards the hallway.
Then, suddenly we heard footsteps behind us. White coats, I assumed immediately. I turned to face them, ready to attack, but what I saw surprised me.
The brunet female was following us out. I nodded to her and said, “Let’s get out of here!” I turned and started running. The hallway was very long, and many doors littered it. We ran until the hall connected to a new one that looked dark and sinister. I stare at the other two for their opinion on following it. The second they nodded I charged into the thick darkness. Our footsteps echoed of the walls. It frightened me that maybe it would give us away, but We didn’t stop running. No light led us where to go, but my sensitive vision made me able to kind of tell when to turn. Then, and finally then, hope crept over me. Large doors with a touch screen told me it was an exit. But as I paused in front of it I felt vanquish sink into my chest. I didn’t know the password. I let out a rage of anger, “We’re so freakin’ close, yet not even!” Then I remembered the females’ ‘power’.
I looked at her, “Do you know what to do?” The girl looked blankly at me, not knowing what I meant at all. I told her, “They gave you the might to hack into anything! Computers and electronics, you can hack into them! Hurry and try!”
I didn’t mean to put her under pressure, but we were so close! I could almost hear the creatures of the outside real world. She stepped past me and looked at the computer. She stared at it intensely. First I heard a high pitched noise that was ‘low’ enough for even the ‘scientists’ could hear. Then, came a big BOOM!
The touch screen had exploded and the thick doors opened in response. I stared at out the doors for a few seconds in shock. What was out there was not what I expected. It was a dirt tunnel, dark accept for lanterns, and it was humid-ish, muggy feeling.
So we had been underground, where no one would have thought to locate it. It made me afraid of how much danger we are in here. Then we heard loud footsteps, so I quickly yelled to the others, “Let’s get out of here!”
We scrambled out of the hall onto thick, brown dirt. Running was easy, but the little lack of air made it hard to breathe. I panted as we twisted and turned in the endless tunnel which was starting to scare me. What if there was no way out? What if this tunnel was just a mind game? I shook my head getting the childish thought out of my head. What a fool I was for thinking such a thing. It almost made me laugh. But it didn’t.
I was almost to the point of stopping to rest, when abruptly the tunnel started going upward very steep. I pushed myself up the hill and the floor flattened again. There were strange metallic machines that lurked here, and I wondered what their usage was. They had round wheels supporting them and big windows on them. I saw one had a name, Honda. Robots! So these are other creations that the lab coats made. I hurried and ran past them hoping that they wouldn’t start and come after me. Then I saw light at the end of the tunnel. “You guys… I think we’re finally free.”
We ran towards the end of the dark tunnel, so close to the wonder we call earth. We could smell vegetation, and salty water. Closer, closer… “YES!” I screamed. I felt the grass touch my feet, I smelt the uncontaminated air, heard birds wings flutter wildly at my shout, and saw green around me. I wanted to fall to my knees and cry, but I contained myself. I almost started to prance around when a problem hit me straight in the gut. How do we escape from here?
“Let’s get to the shore.” I call over my shoulder, I could smell the salty water. This, what I now know, is an island, a thick jungle with big, leafy plants. But luckily there was a path made of dirt leading to the blue ocean. Now what?

And this is where my story began. I didn’t know how to cross the ocean to a new land. We’d need something to float us over. But what?
“Moo-oom!” came a cry, “I wanna go hoo-oome! This is so boring!”
What? I thought we were the only ones on this island. As we come out of the thickets of the jungle, I saw a little girl holding, ( more of pulling), on her moms’ hand, “Mommy, mommy, mommy! Let’s gooo!”
“Honey,” a calm voice came from the older female, “We are here just for a little while, okay? Daddy wants to look around for a bit, besides the boat doesn’t leave until three.” The little girl hung her head and sighed.
I walked toward the two, wanting to ask some questions. I coughed and asked, “E-excuse me… Um, can you help us?” I sure hoped they weren’t working for the lab-coats.
The mother turns. She looked at me strangely. This is the first time I notice what I was wearing. A long, white gown, just like a hospitals’ that went to my ankles. I felt my cheeks flame up. A mixture of colors, collide in front of my vision. Embarrassment.
“I would like to ask how we can get off this island. You see we,” We what? Think fast, “Got lost.”
The lady raised an eyebrow, “Um, okay sure, well the boat over there,” she points to a big auto-mobile floating on the water, “Will be leaving in about… oh say a half hour. Were you on this ride over? I don’t remember seeing you or your… uh friends.”
“Oh, um well we missed our first ride, um, back over,” I lied, and hoped I hadn’t made it obvious. I guessed I hadn’t, because she nodded and said, “Do you have any money?”
“Money?,” I asked confusedly, and panicked, “I’m afraid not,” What was ‘money’? Who has heard of such a thing?
“Oh, well it costs ten dollars each… where do you come from? You seem as though you don’t know what money is,” the dark haired woman gave a small laugh as if that were a joke, “Well, let me help you out,” she began digging in a pouch that was hanging on her shoulder, “… mmm, twenty… thirty, here you go,” she grimaced as she gave me some paper rectangles, “that’ll get you on the boat.”
I look at the green paper. Maybe it was like a trade. Each ride cost a piece of paper. It must have been hard to give up by the look on the woman’s face, “Thank you so much,” I said with great meaning.
“’Welcome, you’ll just have to repay me one of these days,” she rolled her eyes. Sarcasm. I weakly smile back, for I fretted the lab coats were close.
“Good bye” she said and she walked away with her daughter. The little girl waved and watched us till they were too far away. I returned a “bye,” and turned to the other two, “Look at this,” I show them the ‘money’, “This is going to be very confusing.”
We walk up to the ‘boat’ at the dock. It was made of smooth metal and could possibly hold up to 12 passengers. It didn’t look to safe. I didn’t know what to do. Thirty minutes. What do people do to blow time? I turn around, “Whoa,”
When I looked behind me, I saw the unexpected. A town with people all around the street. Some houses had rounded roofs, and the stores were small and the people there carried black objects around their necks. They all wore similar outfits. Pants and a comfy looking shirt. Through a window of a small store I saw some clothes. I look down at my hospital gown, “We need to fit in. There’s a store with some non suspicious clothing. Let’s go through the back so we don’t attract attention.” We hid behind some trees as we slinked close the tiny building.
I opened the door a crack to reveal the inside. There was a counter that no one was supervising. I whisper, “Okay, c’mon.” I jumped inside holding the door open for the other two. When I was about to close the door, I saw someone a few feet away. The fourth lab rat. He looked confused. He was probably looking for us. I rustled some leaves right behind the store loudly. He looked over at me. His face became a little less stressed.
“You came,” I said trying not to sound surprised. He made eye-contact for a second and nodded. We closed the door and tip toed to some racks. The outfits mostly had flowers on it. I grabbed a shirt from a rack that said, For girls! I found some pants on another rack that said the same. The other girl came and grabbed some too. I looked around for a place for us to change. One opening said, dressing room, and pointed to the right.
We ran into different stalls and quickly changed. I ripped off the tags. After wards, when I found the brunet girl we walked to find the boys. When I looked at the counter, a woman was standing there. The other girl seemed to notice too, and ducked at the same time I did. That’s when we saw the boys doing the same. They saw us and their eyes looked at me confusedly. I army crawled over and whispered, “I’ll make a distraction, you guys go out when I give a look. Wait for me out back.” They nodded. I crawled over to the dressing rooms. I pretend to have just gotten out of the stall. I walked around the store casually. I look at a manikin and thought quickly.
“Oh-whoa!” I pretend to trip, and I grabbed at the manikin that fell with me. The person at the counter rushed over. I sat up putting a hand on my head acting like it was hurting. I look at the other three then at the door before the cashier ran to me. She asks, “Miss! Are you okay?”
“I-I think so, I hit my head on the-the manikin,” I milked the whole ‘wo is me’ act. I saw the other three quietly go out the back. Blondie looked at me before he went out, and closed the door. Sighing, I then looked back at the woman helping me, trying not to say it too fast, “Oh, well sorry about the manikin, I just am so clumsy. I’ll see you later,” I stood up, then pushed open the door. Right before I ran, the lady then asked, “Hey? Aren’t those clothes from my store?”
I quickly jogged to the back of the shop looking for the rest of my ‘clan.’ I found them sitting behind big, leafy plants. I wasn’t even panting when I walked up to them, “We better get to that boat!”
We walked over the sandy beach to see that everyone climbing aboard. We ran up when I realized, “We don’t have enough money!” how could this happen? We were so close! I was so frustrated. A voice came from behind me, “I have an idea.”
I froze and turned. The blonde boy had his hand out toward me. I was shocked, but asked, “What?”
He took the money from my hands and walked up to the man letting the people aboard. The man had white hair and a mustache, and when he talked it looked like a worm wriggling around on his upper lip, “That’d be forty, son.”
The boy looked at the ground. He said ever so sadly, “Oh, man. I only have thirty, we’ve just lost our jobs for some ‘better’ workers, and all we got when we were cut was thirty. We tried so hard. Oh well. Okay guys, let’s go…” He shrugged, and started to slouch off.
I couldn’t believe my ears. I whispered angrily, “What are you doing?”, but he just said, “Wait,” at the same time the old man said, “Oh, um well maybe I could let you on, uh, but-but don’t think ya can do it again, ya hear?”
“Of course, sir,” Blondie handed the man all of the money. We climbed aboard. As we sat down I looked at him. I asked, “How’d you do that?”
He smirks, “I could see his weakness. He has grandchildren that he would die for. He hates seeing people in pain,” he let out a sort of chuckle. I looked at him, and gasped, “You- Your power!”
He nodded, and then became shy once again. I looked at the other two, and say to the girl, “Thanks for getting us out of that insane asylum. I really owe you guys.”
The girl just shrugged and took her seat. As soon as we sat, the ‘driver’ came out and sat at the front. She smiled, and said, “You people ready to get to Scotland?”
She had a heavy Scottish accent. Her hair was red, and her eyes very green, then she said, “My name is Alice, so if you have any questions-…,” That’s all I heard before something clicked inside my head. Alice? Why did that ring a bell? Alice… Alice… Another flash back.

Papers cluttered every where. Folders had papers sticking out at odd angles. Someone was digging through the mound of papers. Then there it was. The file. Hers.
The dirty faced man carried them to the crib of a little, crying baby. He looked at the words of the file that read,
Alex… 1994… experiment #229
I opened my eyes. The thought may have been blurry, but I knew what I had found. My name. My name! I found my name! I almost jumped up and let out a, whoop, but instead, I ignored the impulse. Something else had crossed my mind. Two hundred and twenty nine. How many other experiments were there besides me and my group? Hundreds?
“Okay, let’s get going!” Alice turned on the contraption, and it gave out a groan, that only my ‘clan’ could hear. I slapped my hands over my ears. It really hurt. We were then off drifting over the sea. I knew it would be a while, but I knew that the lab-coats would guess we were smart enough to cross over the ocean. I stared at the brunet, silently pleading that maybe she could make the machine move faster. I saw that she was all ready staring at the machines controls intently. Then suddenly the boat lurched. We all were thrown back in our seats. The sea was a blur. I heard people screaming, as though they were in a horror movie. I noticed a brown blur that must be land. We then suddenly stopped at the dock, every one looking frazzled, including us.
“I-I hope to see y-ya’ll again!” Alice said sounding as shocked as she looked, as every one filed off. As I got off I whispered to the blond boy, “I know my name!”
He looked at me, “How?”
I answered, “That lady.”
He cocked his head to the side and looked at me funny. I almost giggled. Whoa, what a weird feeling, to feel… happy. My eyes turned a warm hazel color. I told him, “Her name is Alice, right?” He nods, I tell him, “I had a weird flash back thing, and there was my file, ‘Alex’… Maybe it’ll happen to you when you hear your name… Who knows?”
He shrugged and walked to shore. I got off next to see something amazing. This city was much different than the islands’. The buildings were small, and many green hills covered the land, with sheep gnawing at the grasses, and had cute little buildings, that were so simple.
“I hope we know what we’re doing.”
As we started walking I came across, yet another problem. Where are we going? It hit my stomach hard. What are we going to do?
The same thought must have hit the other girl, “Now what?”
“Uh, I… don’t know,” I manage to stutter. I was so embarrassed. I look at the black pavement. Then,
“We have an inside source now in the American government. They have the other experiments somewhere there, don’t they?” You could only see the back of the man’s head. Some one from behind him grunted, “Mmm, Yes, but it could be risky to contact them since they are now suspecting something fishy. Darn those police! They can track down our calls and find our main source. I’ll try tomorrow. Today we’ll work on the boy…”
I look back up. America, “America,” I replied aloud. When I looked up, the other three were staring at me confusedly. I said a little quieter, “A-another weird flash back… thing… The, those people (I say indicating our mutators) have a source in the American government. I think they’re trying to… to dominate in the war…”
The dark haired boy actually spoke, “How do we get there?”
“We’ll find a way,” said Blondie, “No matter what extreme measures we have to go to.”
Now it was my turn to look at him funny, “Where was this attitude at the science-lab?” He looked at the ground confusedly, “Well… I…”
“Whatever. Let’s just find some transportation, shall we?” I looked around for a sign of anything that would take us far away. People were staring at me strangely as I stood on my tiptoes to see if I could see any signs indicating a way out of here. Then I felt something hit my stomach that should have knocked me down if I weren’t mutatingly strong.
“Oof!” said the boy. As he rubbed his brown hair, he looked at me, well, glared at me, “Excusez moi, mademoiselle,” and stood up, and stared at us strangely. He stepped away from us and small convenient store. I looked at the other three, “W-what did he call me?”
The darker haired boy rolled his eyes, “He said ‘sorry excuse me misses.”
I lift an eyebrow. I locked eyes with the girl, who just shrugged it off. I asked, “How do you know that?
The boy looked worried and shrugged. Reassuringly I tell him, “It’s nothing, it just must be your… power. Isn’t that French, though?”
He didn’t seem to trust my opinion, but he nodded anyways, and he seemed even more confused by my question. Oh well. As I looked around, something was wrong. I couldn’t think of what. It was something that was at the islands. There was a feeling in my gut that wouldn’t stop pestering me. What was it?
I looked around the small village trying to find some hope of leaving Europe. We wandered around, people eying us suspicious-like. I suddenly heard the female gasp. I look over, her brown eyes were wide, but her expression wasn’t very, well, expressive. Afraid, I looked at her with a stare that said, Tell me now, or else.
She looked at me, “They’ve sent people after us.”
We all looked at her wide eyed. I asked, “Wait, you mean, they all ready have people?”
All she did is look at the ground. I took her shoulders in between my hands, almost wanting to shake her, and began, “What is going on-?” But she cut me off suddenly, “Sssh. They’re watching. They know what we look like. Just relax for a second, and continue walking.” I hurriedly let go of her and began walking again. I tried walking as normal as possible, but the fact that people were after us didn’t help out in the slightest. I looked around for a sign for any type of transportation. Finally I broke down and said to the others, “wait here!” through clenched teeth.
I tapped on a man’s shoulder, “Excuse me sir?”
He had white hair, and his eyes drooped sadly, “Yes?”
Nervously I asked, “Do you know where the nearest airport is?”
“Closest one round here would be way down in Wick’s. It’ll be ‘bout twenty one miles from here.” He then stared at us curiously, “Where you off to?”
In a steady voice I said, “My family and I are visiting the UK and Europe and we were going to head back to America, but we realized there was no airport,” and before he could ask anymore questions I said, “Thank you!” and walked back to the others.
Without speaking we all knew what we had to do. We began our journey to the airport, no shoes. Soon, I noticed that the supposed robots we had seen at the lab were automobiles for transportation, and we definitely needed transportation, even if twenty one miles wasn’t going to wear us down. I went up to a truck that looked very worn. Looking to the female I simply said, “Can you open this?”
She stared at it intently, then the contraption turned on suddenly, and a ‘click-click!’ told us that the door was unlocked. I hopped inside the seat that had a wheel in front of it, which took me seconds to understand. The gear shifts threw me off for a second. As I put my hand on it the lever, the dark haired boy said, “Maneuver it to the “D” for it to drive, simply press on the pedal for it to start moving.”
I nodded, though I knew it wouldn’t work out too well. I pulled the lever until it was at the “D” and I held my breath and stepped on the pedal gently. We were lurched forward, and I almost rammed into the car in front of us, but I jerked the wheel just in time, which no ordinary human could have accomplished. We were on the open road looking for signs telling us if we were close to Wicks or the airport. Silence would have ringed in our ears, if the sound of the truck weren’t so obnoxious. I looked back in the review mirror, I saw the blonde boy was staring at me, but his eyes flashed away when he noticed me staring back. Finally, to clear the awkwardness from the tiny space in the car, I decided to do something normal. Start a conversation, “Is… Is everyone okay?”
The girl flinched slightly, and the darker haired boy flickered his eyes toward me, but only for a second. Blondie sighed, and finally spoke, “… I’m a little hungry.”
His words made me realize that we haven’t ate, and I felt my empty stomach mock me. I nodded, “Once we get in town we’ll get something we can eat.”
After a bit, we were once again silent. Then I realized, We have no names. How do I state this casually? There was no way to say it casually, “Um, I’ve been thinking,” I waited for their face expressions to maybe show some interest. Nothing, so I went on, “Since I don’t want to have to call you by “Boy” or “Girl” I think maybe…” Dare I say it? “Maybe we need some… names.”
I heard shifting coming from the back seats and I knew I would have to continue to conduct our start, “For example, my name is Alexander, and you,” I directed at the female, “can be my cousin-?”
“Shelby,” She said suddenly, I was a little stunned. I recovered quickly and asked the two males in the back, “What about you two?”
Silence followed. We all sat patiently for their answers. Again, I look in the review mirror, but flashing blue and red lights blinded me, “What the-?”
“Police!” The dark haired boy yelled.
“What?” I asked, “That’s your name? Or-?”
“No,” He said in a ‘duh’ kind of way, “they’re people who work for the government and take people doing illegal things, to a jail so they can’t do it anymore.”
“What’d we do?” I asked angrily
“Speed limit! Just pull over!” he said, and I replied a “What!?” I pulled over as he explained speed limits and laws to me. I started sweating as we pulled to a stop, but a plan was all ready forming in my head. As the cop closed the door and neared our truck I told the others, “When we get out of the car, start running.”
The man tapped on my door’s window, and I rolled it down. He looked to be pretty young, around twenty three or so. He said, in a not so happy voice, “’Mornin’ kids, going for a ride?”
My acting skills kicked in, “Yup! So, uh, what’s the problem sir?”
He sighed, “Well, I’m afraid you were speeding, and I’m gonna need your license and registration please.”
Time to kick it up a notch, “Okay!” I started to pretend to look in the compartments in search of a license. After a bit of obnoxious digging, I cried in defeat, “Ugh! Kyle where did you put it, I thought you were suppose to have grabbed it!”
Blondie caught on quickest, “What?! Me? Why do you think I forgot it? Shelby was the one who had it!” And soon we were all yelling at each other, not really hearing what we were each saying. Finally the officer yelled, “HEY! No license? I’m afraid, then, I’m gonna have to take you down town and call your parents.”
I made a horrified face, and reluctantly said, “Y-yes sir.”
We all got out of the vehicle, and I gave the three a meaningful look. Then, they were running. They were out of there in a second, and the cop yelled, “Hey!” and I lightly elbowed him so he would let go of me. I was then running at an impossible speed, and I reached them with ease, but as soon as I did, I heard his car door slam, coming after us. His siren was blazing, his lights twirling, us running.
Soon we were coming near a dirt road, and the cop was next to us, though we kept a steady pace. Before we passed it, I yelled, “STOP! Down this road!” We stopped on a dime and started down the gravel road. I heard the cop have to stop, his tires screeching in protest. Good, I thought, Gives us more time to find a hiding place!
When we neared the farm, we saw it was a cute little house, with a big red barn, so I told them, “Into the barn, hurry!”
They opened the door and we piled inside. Once inside, I saw there were limited hiding places, but they were all ready hiding. Some in stalls, I saw the Shelby girl jump in some hay, and one of the boys was climbing to the second story. I knew this was the time to use my power. I heard the cop’s car drive up to the house, so it made me want to hurry fast. I concentrated hard, waiting for something to change. Nothing. It was hopeless. I jumped into the hay with Shelby and concentrated on my appearance in there. When I was going to lose all hope, I felt something different. My mind was concentrated on my skin. I could only feel my skin. Catching on, I thought of a tanned skin color, and my skin started tanning. It was a miracle! I was almost excited, except for the fact we were being chased by law enforcement.
I did the same thing with my hair, soon I could only feel my roots, and it became blonde, looking as though I’d been in the sun all day. I knew my face would be a little trickier, so I tried to concentrate on my nose, but it didn’t work the way I thought. I could feel all its tiny bones, all very delicate, and I thought to myself, Push! I felt the bones start pushing and scrunching, changing their shape. My eye color was easy, I thought of a nice dark blue, and they easily changed. I hopped out of the hay, and though I felt the same, I knew I must look very different. I heard foot steps nearing.
He must have gone to the house first, if it took him that long to get here. I desperately looked for something to wear; surely he’d remember my tacky Hawaiian shirt. Luckily a hat and a plaid shirt hung above a pair of boots, on a little hook. I snatched them and began pulling them on. Just as I was slipping on the second boot, the door opened. I grabbed the pitch fork and began to poke lightly at the hay, for Shelby was huddling in there somewhere.
“Excuse me, Miss?” The cop’s voice carried through the big space of the barn, “Um, there were some children around the age of sixteen that ran onto your property, have you seen them?”
I made my eyes widen in shock, and I shook my head. I didn’t trust my voice, because, if my appearance changed, that doesn’t mean my voice would.
“Well, please be aware, they could be juvenile delinquents, thank you.” He said, and waved, then left. As soon as his engine turned on, I let out a sigh of relief, “Okay, come on out.”
All of them came out of their hiding places. They all stared at me strangely. How peculiar I must look, for I couldn’t see myself, so I asked, “Do I really look that bad?”
“That’s her,” said Blondie, “You don’t look bad just… different. How did you…?” He pointed at me, looking me up and down.
“My power,” I said simply, “I… just made it happen, luckily in time.”
“How do you change back?” asked the other male.
“Um,” I said, because I really hadn’t thought of that part. Thinking of my original appearance, I felt my stolen identity fade, and my eyes flashed to my light blue, confirming I was back to my original state. I looked at my skin, which was back to its original color. Pale-like. They all looked at me like “Whoa,” so I decided to get back to business, “We need to go back for our truck, or possibly walk. We need to get to that airport.”
As we walked on the gravel road again, back towards the main highway, my feet were hurting slightly. As I muttered angrily to myself I noticed our truck was missing.
“Oh no,” I said aloud, “Where could something that big have gone?”
The blonde boy suggested, “Maybe the cop towed it off?”
“That fast?”
“No,” said Shelby suddenly. She seemed distressed, her brown eyes were now wide, “It was probably them!” She pointed down the opposite side of the road, and I saw a black vehicle traveling towards us really fast. Fear flooded me as I asked, “Is it… them?”
When Shelby nodded gravely, and I felt myself flush. Now what? How’d they get over there? I thought angrily. Some how they were coming from the direction we needed to get to. When I sighed, they all seemed to know what I was going to say, “Okay. We’re going to have to… fight our way there.”
As the vehicle came closer, I said, “Get ready to run. This may not be easy.”
Then, it was fifteen yards from us, stopping in the middle of the road. We all tensed, hushed, and waiting to attack at any moment, but the car sat there doing absolutely nothing. It was quiet, and no one dared to breathe. The windshield was tinted just enough so even I couldn’t see it, when the driver’s door opened. I heard all of us stop breathing as a foot stepped out. As he rounded around the door, I saw who it was. The dirty faced man, and the bigger man. They weren’t in their white lab coats, but in black suits, that made them seem of importance, though I really wanted to spit on them.
Dirty-face closed the door, but still stood next to it, not daring to cross one of us, for he created us. We all just stood staring at each other for a second, not knowing what to do first. The two finally decided to make the very first move. The bigger one spoke, “Well, well. You all are working properly, the way we wanted you to,” He looked at our outfits very curiously, and it angered me that he talked as if we were to take it as a compliment. He was totally calling us ‘its’, “But unfortunately, you guys are doing us no favor by running away like that. You’re not even helping yourself by doing this, so how about you come back, and we’ll finish what we started, and then you’re free.”
He lied smoothly and easily, as if it were second hand to him. It made me sick, the fact that they would trick someone innocent into returning to that insane-asylum. I spit at the ground, “Liar! Do you think us that ignorant? I would rather die!”
Dirty-face smiled, as though we were merely having a light conversation, “We thought you may feel that way,” He was now sneering in a triumphant kind of way, “But you must realize you are not our only experiments. You see I have a specialty in working with combat, and defense, and well…” He pointed to us, “You are only a few of my experiments, Miss. 229,” He pointed to Shelby, “341,” then to Blondie and the next boy, “268 and 231. I have three others I am currently experimenting on.”
I clenched my jaw, “What does this mean to us?” I said nodding my head toward my clan, “Why should we care if all of this has nothing to do with us.”
His grin made my stomach drop a little farther, “They are much faster than you, just as strong as you all, but much faster. Let me just leave it at that, they will be our personal assistance if you decide not to come with us.”
Blondie was the first one to snap in response, “Intimidating us is not an option, send them after us, just watch, just because they’re faster means nothing.”
Simultaneously the two said, “So be it,” and went to the middle section of the car. They opened the side doors, and feet emerged from within the black automobile onto the pavement.
A female with gingery-brown hair, and striking green eyes was first to emerge, then followed by two males. They both were built sturdy, while the female was long and slightly gangly. They all had slight sneers spread across their faces. I all ready hated them.
They came and stood next to the two moron-scientists. They introduced them, “This,” Dirty-face started, pointing to the female, “is Farely, she has the ability to… let’s say ‘fly,’ she defies the laws of gravity.” She waved a cutsie wave as though we were being introduced as friends. He then moved on to the male that was slightly shorter with dark hair, “Garrett is an interesting one, he is one that easily blends in easily, and adapts to any sort of weather.” Garrett only gives us a mocking smirk. Then pointing to the last one who was taller and also shared the others male’s color of hair, “And Cael, his lungs work like gills, making him able to breathe under water, and he has a sense of direction, kind of like a compass.”
This was seriously disturbing, “Gee,” I say sarcastically, “Do have a fire breathing experiment as well as a werewolf in that insane asylum too?”
The female, Farely, spoke, it was sort of like listening to a recording, “With a tongue like that you’ll be getting yourself into a lot of trouble.” Wow, I thought, I am so scared.
“Hmm,” I said aloud, “That was really threatening, remind me to take offense one of these days when it actually sounds like a threat.”
She looked really pi-…ticked now, “Permission to engage in combat, Dabney, sir?” Farely said, all of a sudden.
“Granted,” Dirty-face replied. So he did have a name. Then I realized what she was asking. She wanted to fight me! This was going to be, I have to say, fun.
Farely stood there for a second, glaring at me. Then she went into a stance, at an impossible speed, and leaped up into the air, lunging toward me. She was fast; I’ll give her that, so I almost didn’t reach out and catch her shoulders in time. With all her speed it gave me an advantage at swinging her around, and letting her go, leaving her airborne. She was quick though, and landed on her feet. So right before she came to attack I yelled to the other three, “Give me space you guys, this’ll be a minute.”
They moved a few feet away, but were standing, ready to take action if anything were to attack. Farely ran toward me with great speed, gaining momentum so she could jump at me again, and land a punch at my jaw. Okay, yeah, that really hurt, so I couldn’t let her get away with that, I grabbed her arm and thrust her on the ground. Not giving her a chance to get up, I took hold of her and threw her toward the black vehicle. Dabney let out a cry as Farely smacked into the windshield, which she let out a scream of rage to. Seeing she wasn’t happy, Garrett lunged at me, pushing me, making me do backwards somersaults. What the crap?!
I got up, slightly dizzily, just in time to see him coming for me again. Knowing my dizziness was going to affect my fighting skills, I knew I was going down. He was nearing, only a foot away, when suddenly, out of no where, Blondie tackled him.
“Graah!” He yelled out as he did so, and the surprise was painted on Garrett’s face. The surprise was only there for a second, when it was then veiled by a grimace as he smashed onto the pavement. Both boys were socking each other, but Blondie had an advantage, being on top. Taking a good blow in the stomach by Garrett’s foot, Blondie was thrown across the road. As soon as he fell, our dark haired boy took his place and sent a blow to Garrett’s gut. I didn’t notice that Farely was now sneaking up behind me.
I turned around, just in time for her to trip me. I smacked onto the road, and she was on me, punching my stomach, over and over. I snatched the fist she was pounding me with and threw her at Dabney and the big guy. They didn’t see it (well, her) coming so they were both hit and I went to help the dark hair boy and Blondie with Garrett, but Cael was on me in a second. He took my hand and thrust me back into him, so I slammed into his thick body, and fell on my back. He kicked me in the ribs, so I was out of breath, I knew he was just about to slam a punch into my wounded stomach, but something was around his neck. It was Shelby, she had jumped onto his back and had her arms and legs around him, taking him down with all the weight her little body had.
I knew this was getting out of hand; we had to get out of here and fast. I watch as Farely was now heading in my direction again, her eyes were blazing in fury, and she was going to take it all out on me. I darted for the car, smashed windshield and all, and then turned the keys. It roared to life, but Farely was right next to me. I punched her face, so she fell back, and I stepped on the gas, without shutting the door. Dabney and the big man jumped out of the way, and when I got close enough, stopped the three boys (Garrett, Blondie, and the dark-haired boy) from they’re fighting scene.
I yell, “Hop in!”
Blondie takes one more look at Garrett and smashes his face, leaving him, slightly, dazed. They jump in through the open front door and I let the darker haired boy drive. I point, “Get Shelby!” He nods sharply, and he moves slightly forward. She was on Cael, so I had to get out and pry her off, but before I did I told them, “Leave a door open, and start driving towards town, we’ll catch up!” They nodded, and they pounded on the gas, flipped around abruptly and sped away.
She was getting him good, and when I pulled her off, she almost looked like she was gonna hit me, but realized I was on her side. The three (Farely, Garrett, and Cael) were gaining up on us, so Shelby and I looked at each other quickly, and nodded. We rammed into their stomachs as hard as possible (I saw stars in front of my eyes) and booked it towards the speeding car. Knowing they would catch up quickly, we hopped in and I told them, “Lock the doors, and don’t pay attention to any,” I spit the words, “Speed limits!”
We were going really fast, and I could see that they weren’t even trying to chase us, Odd. But I thought it unfair to question our luck, so instead I turned around sighed in relief, and, well, pain.
All you could hear in the car was our slight panting. Really we were just breathing a little heavier than, um, usual? But the air gushing through the crashed windshield was really obnoxious (and I really didn’t want a fly in my teeth).
I saw that Blondie had a bloody lip and slight swollen eye, but his power allowed it to disappear, so soon it would be as though it never existed. Unfortunately, the rest of us, we weren’t so lucky. Darker-haired had a fat lip, and his cheek was purple, and his arm was scraped pretty bad. Shelby was rubbing her neck, and her face had a slight red-pink on one side, showing she hit the ground hard, but she was in pretty good shape. I knew my jaw was sore, and probably bruised. I knew our injuries on our bodies were much worse. My back where my spine is was scratched up, nasty, and I’m pretty sure I would have a nice scar there.
Suddenly, out of completely no where, Blondie says, “Kyle.”
I jumped slightly at the loud noise, and only replied, “Hu-What?”
“Kyle. My name.”
I looked at him for a second, like in pure shock, and then burst out laughing. All of the others stared at me like I had gone psychotic. It was just so funny to me. After all that we had just gone through, and that’s the first thing he says. Wow! My ribs were aching slightly, but I didn’t care.
Once I was done with my delusional faze, I was wiping at my eyes and looked at the other boy, “A-and you?”
He sat there staring hard at the road, thinking deeply for a moment, then replied, “A common name would suffice. I think I will go with…” He mouthed some names to himself, until he seemed satisfied with one, “… James.”
So now the nameless wonders were now Kyle, James, Shelby, and, yeah, me, Alexander. I noticed that we were now entering the town, because we were at an amazing speed. To the Airport!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let's Shake Things Up?

Okay, I have another book I'm writing, it's older, and not finished, but I'd like you guys to read some of it, okay? It has nothing to do with the "Ignorance" book, It's on it's own! Called, "Alexander".


1-30-2010: Faroe Islands

Darkness swallowed the room. Thick darkness. It was almost as though nothing could live within these walls. That nothing could survive if they tried. But unfortunately someone did…some people did.
From behind the door to this sad room came footsteps. Tapping of fancy, expensive shoes were walking down a long hallway, getting closer to the thick door.
Then the footsteps stopped right in front of the door to pause at a touch screen and punched in the code to get within this door. Musical notes sound in approval to the correctly typed in numbers.
The Door slides open and lets in a white coated man. A man with a purpose. His dirty face and greasy hair was all you needed to see to know he was a very harsh person. But his Hispanic looking skin made it hard to know he had a strong French accent, but his pinched up face made it easy to know that he was up to something.
The door shut as quickly as it opened. The greasy haired man was now apart of the darkness but, he knew his way even in this thick, black shadow.
Now in the middle of the room he paused to use, yet, another touch screen. After pressing the last letter of the long code four lights flashed on before him. Four tubes were lit up and four children lived within them. Four children who don’t even know each other. Four children, who don’t even know their own names. Four children who never have, and never will, know their own families. They had been experimented for fourteen years.
What was the purpose of this? Why were there four kidnapped children? What is the cause of all this chaos? Why steal four innocent children? Why?

For a Super generation.

Super man, heros, what if they could exist? Super-strength, Extra-sensitive hearing, shape-shifting. All able to be possible if we could make certain hormones grow faster? Certain cells to do more. Why though? They test on the children all of their theories, hoping to one day to be able to use it to make their Iranian army stronger. Just think about it. Innocent children. No one would guess them as dangerous.
But in order to make sure it’s possible they stole children at birth from four different families, from families whom they don’t even know. They have tested their theories on these four. Each child is now developing speed, and agility, and strength, stronger than a male Olympian. Sensitive hearing stronger than a jack rabbits’ and sharp eyesight sharper than a hawk.
The man was watching these children mutate, watching them with eagerness. Hungrily. Greedily . And they were mutating, sadly, and very quickly.

The female on the right was his favorite. She could change her appearance. A shape-shifter. Her natural hair color was light brown and it met her elbows. Her original eye color was sky blue, but after her mutation process they had turned to shocking silver.
How would they know this? Every month they would take them out and change what they needed to fix and watch how they would interact, also see how the transformation had changed their original state. The silver eyes showed that her transformation was working effectively and it was almost complete.
The other female to her right, was a girl with darker brunet hair who would be able to sense danger by looking into the face of any person or stranger. They did that by increasing her mental activity and awareness in her brain. She could also control computers and hack in to any website by using a chip they implanted in her brain at birth.
The male, to the right of the dark haired girl, had blonde handsome hair. He had the ability to communicate through his mind, but only to the female who also had a microchip implanted in her brain. He can also re heal quickly and see any ones weakness by looking into their eyes.
The short, black haired male to the blonde boy’s right, has the ability to understand languages of all countries, and hardly knowing the difference between each. He has an incredible memory that is able to remember anything he’s seen or heard. His knowledge was already implanted for him.
All these children will be very useful for their needs.
The man felt a vibration in his coats left pocket. His phone told him the call was coming from the General of the Army.
“Hello?” His heavy accent voice echoed throughout the room.
French came from the other end asking “Are they ready yet?”
The dirty man replied quietly“…Yes.”

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More? I Wrote MORE?!

Thick, awkward silence soaked the dirty air. I scoot my chair out, preparing to leave, but before I could raise Ms. Thorton stopped me, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like such a prat, but it’s just that… my husband. He left a huge impact on my… my life.”
I studied her alien-beautiful face, and saw the melancholy in her eyes. “Of course,” I whispered, “I’ll see you around okay?”
“Yes, please do visit again.” She replied wistfully. I stood, turned and exited the room.
Once in the hall, I thought of the short meeting between the owner and myself. I guess I didn’t think about how there would still be, well, old vampires here, much less the founder of this place. But, then again, the found had died. But… how?
I mean, Ms. Thorton was still alive, and aren’t vampires supposed to live forever? I mean, aren’t the indestructible, or something?
My feet had led me to our hallway, where I ran into someone. I was pushed back by the impact and automatically put a hand where my head connected with hers. No pain.
“Oops!” Clara apologized, “Sorry. And I’m also sorry about lunch, I didn’t know you and Kelsey were… well, don’t get along.”
I let out a classy snort, “Oh yeah, you could say that,” I side-stepped past her, slinking toward ‘my’ room. Sticking my head through the door way, I scoped out the room, assuring Kelsey wasn’t there… with a knife or something. Although, who knows if that would even do anything to me anymore?
“She’s not there.” Clara called, “Classes are starting.”
I exit the room again and turn my attention to her, “Classes?”
Clara nodded, “Yup, there’s classes in the afternoon about vampire, like, history and stuff. It’s optional, of course, no one demands you to go, but with all the time everyone has, it’s worth a look.”
I blinked at her for a second. So, there were classes on, like, ‘How to Be a Vampire?’ Laughter bubbled in my stomach, and I had to press my lips together to keep from exploding my hilarity to the world.
“Oh,” I managed, my voice faltered from suppressing my giggles, “Sounds cool.”
Obviously, my amusement wasn’t as well-hidden as I thought, because Clara rolled her eyes, “I know, it sounds silly, but it’s actually pretty cool. You learn a whole bunch of things you can now do as a vampire and interesting crap like that.”
I smiled, still not over the fact of how weird it all sounded, and agreed, “Okay, I’m in. Sounds entertaining.”

Monday, June 21, 2010

Guess WHAT?

Hey! I WROTE SOMETHING! You should be SO proud! So, here's the tiny bit I wrote!

I traveled down the marble hallways until I found out where the library was, and random offices that must have belonged to the people who run this place. Entering the library, I found few, uh, ‘people’ inside. It was quiet and dusty inside with rows and rows of shelves and books. Tables were set out for reading convenience and at the end of one was a lady who was more gorgeous than anyone else I had seen here. Her light brunette hair could be something you would see in a magazine, taunting you because you’ll never be able to accomplish something so amazing. Her face was pale, but had more life than I had seen in any one else’s here, and her eyes were as emeralds and flashed as they moved, reading the book she was holding.
As I slowly traveled through, I must have been distracted, because I knocked down a few books lying on a desk, making noises echo off the beautifully painted walls.
“Would you please mind where you step?” I nearly jumped out of my skin at her voice acknowledging my presence, “Some of these books are very old and fragile.”
“S-sorry,” I offered, embarrassedly, “I-I didn’t mean to, you know, disturb you or ruin your books and stuff-.”
“It’s alright,” she said, finally looking up at me. Her eyebrows rose and she eyed me confusedly, “You’re obviously new here, what is your name?”
“Roxanne Monroe,” I fumbled with the end of my shirt when I wasn’t stroking my hair back, remembering I still hadn’t looked in a mirror.
“Where are you from?” She inquired.
“Uh, New York.”
“Come here, and sit.” She motioned to a seat beside her.
Nervously, I strode to the chair and sat. She continued to stare at me, as though she were trying to read my mind, “So, Roxy. What brings you here to the library?”
“Honestly Mrs.?” I said, not knowing her name.
“Thorton,” She offered, “Ms.Thorton.” I had a funny feeling that I’d heard it before.
“Honestly, Ms.Thorton, boredom and… the fear of my own thoughts.” I bit my lip and avoided eye contact.
“Ah, I see,” She said in her wise voice, “So you came to escape from your own thoughts and read the ones of authors.”
“Pretty much… so, Thorton?”
“Isn’t that the name of the guy who-?” I raised an eyebrow and stared at her, remembering what Miss. Stevens had told me.
“Yes,” her curt reply was harsh, “But he… passed away a long while back.”
“I’m so sorry,” I didn’t know what else to say.
Thick silence

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hunger Games!

Man! Those are some good books! How many of you guys have read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? They are WICKED-sweet! Katniss, Peeta, and the gang are all totally amazing, the story line is addicting, and I can't stand to put them down! They're right up there with Harry Potter! These books point at Twilight and laugh maniacally, taunting it with it's amazing literature! Those of you who haven't read it... DO! It's as simple as that. I haven't had a good book since the Harry Potter series, so the Hunger Games were more than I expected! Hooray, hooray!

Sorry about my book guys, by the way, it's just that... I know what I want to happen, I just don't know how I'll get it there! So, maybe you guys could write me an idea on the comments or something? It'd be much appreciated! LET THE HUNGER GAMES LIVE ON FOREVER!