Friday, May 28, 2010

Things have been slow...

So, um, I haven't got much more written being that I have been out and about of late! SO Here's what I do have:

In mid-chew, I saw someone come up to my table out of the corner of my eye. I look up to find a girl about my age holding a trey in her hands which had legit jewelry covering them. Her corky outfit told me she wasn’t too concerned about the fact I was new here, and her Converse told me she was pretty cool herself. Here hazel eyes fit her round freckled face, and polite smile. And the brunette hair gave her the ‘girl-next-door’ kind of look.
“Hey,” she said to me, tapping on her trey.
I stared at her and chewed slowly. “Am I at your table or something?” I asked, mouth full.
She laughed, not at all offended, “No, just making conversation. Mind if I sit?”
Raising an eyebrow, I said suspiciously, “Go ahead.”
She sat down across from me and began eating. Just like that. It was kind of… cool.
“Do you mind if some of my other friends come over and eat here with us?” She asked, even though I saw her already waving to someone over my shoulder.
“Sure.” I began picking at my food again, eyeing her confusedly. When she looked back at me, she saw my expression and laughed again.
“Sorry, I forgot to tell you, I’m Clara. Clara Griffin.” She said, offering her hand. I took it cautiously and shook it.
“Roxy,” I replied, then saw someone come up beside me. She looked twelve and she wore a skirt and blue sweater. Her gingery-brown hair was wavy and adorable and went to the middle of her back. She sat promptly next to Clara and was smiling like she had no care in the world. Which, she probably doesn’t.
“This is Emmy; she lives down my same hall. Which, I think you do too, right?” Clara said, beginning to eat her food. I thought about it before saying, “Oh, yeah. Stevens mentioned your name, but she can’t remember your roommates name, are you…?” I look at the girl named Emmy.
“Nope!” the girl answered happy enough, “I’m with my sister, Zoey! Though, I’d prefer to be with Clara. Zoey doesn’t like… colors too much. Or people either.”
I smirked, “Oh, I met her upstairs. She ever gone to Juvi?”
The girl let out a giggle, “No. She’s not that bad, just in her attitude.”
I nodded. These people seemed cool enough. Then I heard Clara mutter under her breath, “Oooh boy. Here comes Justin.”
I took a casual glance over my shoulder to see a tall, dirty-blonde haired boy coming toward our table. He wore normal-looking clothes, and wasn’t hideous, so I wondered what the boys’ damage could have been. Then-
“He-ey guys!” He sang as he approached. Maybe he was gay?
“Hey Justin,” The two grumbled without looking at him.
“How’s it goin’?” He sat down, picked up a roll and took a huge bite out of it. He looked up and saw me. Eyebrows raising, he talked over his roll, “And who’s this?”
“Someone wa-ay out of your league,” Clara rolled her eyes. Emmy laughed openly.
“Ha-ha,” He said sarcastically, “What’s your name?” He asked me.
“Roxy,” I replied monotonously.
“R-r-r-roxy!” He rolled his tongue on the ‘r’, totally creeping me out. I nodded, trying not to look too scared.
“Justin is a computer nerd,” Emmy told me, looking me straight in the eye, “And he also believes in aliens.”
Justin retorted as he got red suddenly, “I do not! And I’m not a nerd! But if I did believe in aliens, what’s so weird about that? We’re Vampires!” He had a point.
“Yeah, but Vampires aren’t green with eight eyes that shoot out toxic acid out of them,” Clara snickered. Justin just glared her way and I didn’t try and hide my amused smile.
I guess I looked a little too enthusiastic in my eating, because Clara asked, “You enjoying your food?”
I smiled, “Ha, yeah, guess I am. It’s, like, unusually good. Aren’t Vampires supposed to eat… ya know?”
She nodded, Emmy copying her unintentionally, “You would think, but they’ve got these super geniuses who figured out how to put the same nutrients we need… into our food.”
“You mean, it’s like we’re eating blood?” I asked solemnly.
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“I’ve suddenly lost my appetite.” I scoot my try from myself. All three laughed, but didn’t argue that I should continue eating. So I sat there and listened to their new conversation. It was actually nice, not thinking too much. About… everything. But of course, life likes to rear its ugly head.
Clara was crumbling her napkin up when she looks up, a grin coming across her face, “Here comes Blake and Kelsey.”
I felt myself stiffen at the name, and the other name. What did she mean by ‘Blake and Kelsey’? Like as in, a couple? I craned my neck to see the two coming toward our table, standing close to each other- as close as one can get with a cafeteria trey in their hand. Suddenly, I felt humiliated and incredibly furious. Blake? A player? What happened to that guy I knew back in New York?
“Hey Blake,” Clara greeted warmly. I just looked at the tables’ streaked top, scraping at it with my nail.
“Hello Clara,” came the amazingly alluring voice of Blake, “Mind if we sit?”
“Oh, Blake, don’t you think-?” I heard the nasally drone of Kelsey whine. I hadn’t heard that voice since the day she screeched out of our room. I bit the inside of my lip, totally annoyed.
“Let’s sit here,” Blake said, interrupting her. I heard them sit their selves beside Emmy.
“Roxy, this is Blake and Kelsey,” Clara began to introduce, but I cut her off short, “Yeah, we’ve met. I share a room with Mrs. Superficial, herself.”
The crowd was shocked into a slight silence, forcing me to make eye-contact. When I looked up, everyone was giving me appalled looks, and Kelsey’s mouth was actually dangling open. The only person who didn’t seem surprised or to care was Blake. He was eating off his trey without looking my way.
“You know what, thanks for coming and sitting by me guys, I’m done here, so I’ll talk to you later.”
I got up and started toward the trash cans, but not before I heard Kelsey whine again, “What is her problem?”
“It’s her first time meeting everyone,” Clara defended, “Give her a break.”
“She seemed cool.”
“Justin, you’re just saying that because you think she’s hot-” I had turned the corner at this point. Mind whirling, I marched to my room. I had to stop thinking so much, or else I was going to turn into those demented poets or something. Yet, with so much free time, there was nothing to do, but think. What did these people do with all of this time?
I paused outside of my room, thinking better of it. If I were to go in my room, I’d lie back in bed and think too much again. I turned around and started walking toward other rooms, being that I didn’t know how huge this place was. Or really anything about it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer, summer, summer!

It is indeed, almost summer! And man, am I pumped! This school year, I've come to know a lot of people and make new/more friends! It's so cool! I'm just hoping that we all still are willing to hang out with each other over the vacation, otherwise what will the point of summer be? I'm not going anywhere exciting during summer, though. I kind of wish I had cousins who lived out of this freakin' state so then I'd have an excuse to go somewhere legit!! In Arizona, it's just hot, hot, hot with not a whole lot to do! And where I live, you have to drive hours on hours to get to some place that's cool, but then you have to worry about getting back home in time for something! Not cool.
Anyways, are any of you going somewhere neat this summer? Comment about it, I wanna hear!

Friday, May 14, 2010

More Sneak Peaks?

I feel bad that it's taking so long, so here ya'll go, another sneak peak! Introducing: Zoey!

It was a girl who looked about thirteen, but she wasn’t dressed like any thirteen-year-old I have seen. She had chin-length black hair that had crazy layers that stuck out in odd places. Her face was pale (like everyone’s¬) and she wore thick eye-liner over her dark brown eyes and black lipstick on her thin lips. She wore a black T-shirt with a short, plaid skirt and on her feet were huge combat-looking boots. Her head was decorated with headphones with music blasting loudly.
Her expression was vacant from emotion as she walked toward me. Finally, she seemed to realize that someone else was out there too, and her dark eyes met mine. Pausing in her steps, she continued to stare and pulled her headphones around her neck, so the music was even louder. Monotonously she asked, “Who in the heck are you?”
I almost laughed at the comment. She had a pretty high voice and spunk as big as her boots, and yet she was so small. Smirking, I offer, “Roxanne. You?”
“Zoey. So, what’s your damage? I haven’t seen you here before.” She folded her arms inquisitively.
“I’m new, just got here yesterday from New York. What about you?” I turn toward her, glad that I had something to do than wallow in my grief. This girl was kind of entertaining.
“My sister and I have lived her for a year. We’re from South Dakota.”
“You got a story behind you?”
“Me and my sister got sick, my dad died, my mom ditched us, here we are.” Zoey said harshly.
“Wow, sounds tough. Sorry.” I liked the fact we were talking in incomplete sentences.
“I was…” I realized then, how it all happened. I was hanging around… him, I got sick, he bit me, and I turned into a vampire. What was I suppose to say?
“I got the airborne sickness too, and here I am now.” I partly lied, “I’m gonna go get something to eat, so, I’ll see you around?”
“Yeah, maybe.” Zoey walked past me and started off to her original destination.
Laughing to myself, I began walking downstairs in the direction of the cafeteria. I wondered what time it was, and if my hair looked appropriate since I lacked a mirror. I heard the chatter and conversation before I turned the corner. There was a giant sea of people, and suddenly my stomach churned. I felt like this was the first day of school and I was that new kid that people would trip randomly so I would spill my tray. I shoved my hands deep into my pockets, sighed, and made my way to the food.
I passed by tables with groups of people and a few turned their head to look at me. I grabbed a tray and a plate and looked at all the food options-lots and lots of food options. I thought maybe I accidentally come in on a huge important feast made only for, I don’t know, the queen? A fat queen. It was an endless line of deliciousness.
I wasn’t about to let up on this opportunity, so I filled my plate with the amazing foods, and I picked up an apple just so I could laugh at the irony. To make sure I wouldn’t look like a pig, I left before I could look any further. I looked around as I walked, for an empty table and sat to snarf down this amazing-looking meal.
I took a bite of my food, and realized that it tasted better than I remembered food had ever tasted…ever. I began eating with a bit more willingness and felt like a total nub. I tried not to look up from my tray to avoid people’s “I’m-better-than-you” stares.
In mid-chew, I saw someone come up to my table out of the corner of my eye.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay, so I've been having trouble coming up with legit last names! SO! I need YOUR guy's help with coming up with last names for the following first names: Roxy, Blake, Zoey, Emmy, Kelsey, and Justin! HEEEEELP!

For My Eager Fans?

Morgan and Raven, Dearest, since you both have been pestering, here is a sneak peak! :D

I got me some bed sheets, and after I went back to my room to find Blondie was still gone, I made my bed, whipped off my Chucks and went to sleep.
I don’t know how long I slept- apparently you don’t have to do anything around this place- it’s like a forever vacation, quite literally. So, I just hung around that too-brightly-colored room. They brought me some of my clothes and stuff while I pretended to be asleep one day. Luckily, they managed to snatch my iPod, don’t ask me how. So I listened to it for a while, and I did some deep thinking.
I thought about my parents. What were they thinking, doing, right now? Were they thinking about me? Or their divorce? Were they still going to get a divorce?
Then I thought:
Griffin? And Kelly? What was going on between them? Did my supposed death affect them at all? The last I saw of Kelly, I was yelling at her- I didn’t get to forgive her or anything. And what’s Griffin thinking? I’m dead, so no more deal, but will he still try and get Kelly to…?
My head started to hurt, and realization was sinking in. I wasn’t here anymore. No longer did I exist to anyone, but this weird clan of… dead people. I never would see Kelly, Mom, Dad, or anyone from my town ever again.
I got up out of bed. I couldn’t sit there anymore, thinking too much about what was going on without me. It made me want to vomit- well, if I had eaten anything lately. Realizing I was hungry, I got up and dressed in non-wrinkled clothing, and started my way down to the cafeteria.
Shuffling along the hallway, I heard a door crash open, and turned to watch who it was exiting their room.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey, of late, I have really needed some good music, but I listen to the same ol', same ol'. SO, I was hoping maybe some of you people reading this or even care have any suggestions for songs I should listen to, or even a new band! Otherwise my life will be filled with monotony... THANKS!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chapter ELEVEN.

Chapter Eleven

I heard this weird ‘whoosh’-ing noise, and I let my eyes flutter open, slightly startled. When I peeled them open, I saw that I was still in a jet. So much for being a dream. Looking around, I see that Blake’s spot was vacant, which made me wonder where one can go in such a small amount of space. Too terrified to look back out the window, I get up and clumsily walk in the direction I remember Stevens walked through.
Just as I was about to go through this type of doorway-thing, I slam right into her, hard, but I didn’t fall over. Miss. Stevens, on the other hand, practically body-slammed into the ground.
“Holy-! Are you okay?” I asked, offering her a hand.
“Fine!” She gasped, ignoring my outstretched palm and standing up.
“Well, uh, I think the planes arriving at where ever we’re suppose to be at.” I said trying not to feel too guilty about knocking the breath out of her.
“Oh, good, I think I was starting to get airborne sickness, your bumping into me didn’t help out much either.” She pushed passed me to go to the front of the jet, leaving me confused and slightly irritated.
A few moments of lost altitude later, the jet came to a stop, turned off, and left us in a ringing silence.
“’Ready to get to your new home?” Miss Stevens stood at the entrance of the flying vehicle; it was slowly lowering, giving me the first look that I had in hours.
I walked slowly and cautiously to the opening, as to not be blinded and burned. Luckily it was shady, clouds affiliated the sky, threatening to rain. The environment was… green. That’s the only way I could explain it at first. It was forest all around us, with the exception of the platform that we had landed on. It was sort of random, especially since usually planes landed in busy, noisy places- don’t they? I made my way down the steps until I was on the concrete of the platform. Inhaling, the amazing smell of rain captivated my senses- it was amazing. I could smell the plant life as though I had pressed my nose against one of the huge pine trees. Maybe these stronger senses weren’t such a bad thing.
“Where are we?” I asked when I had finally stopped sniffing the air as though I were a druggie.
“New Brunswick, Canada,” Miss Stevens announced, sounding relieved. Maybe because I didn’t flip out about something for once.
“Canada?” What the Random? “Why Canada?”
“Because,” It wasn’t Miss. Stevens voice, “When Britain sailed to the New Land, Sterling Thorton settled in Canada to start his own home.”
Blake stepped down the stairs, staring down at me as he spoke, unwaveringly. It sucked- he looked so good. His nicely-mussed brown hair and perfectly stormy eyes boasted a paradoxical handsomeness. How could I still be even the slightest bit attracted to him?
“That’s true,” Miss Stevens chirped.
“He bought the Mansion in which he and his beloved lived. He could afford it selling his invention to the richest of the world- living death is oddly popular with the rich. There’s a problem, though, with selling such an un-tested product. That the disease is airborne- spreading from just breathing on someone, that it causes an unnatural appetite,” He stared at me with such intensity, that I felt maybe he were hinting at something. Though I couldn’t think of what he could be hinting about, “So, people they would associate with would get sick, rabid, go crazy, so what was he to do? Let people find out he was causing some of the most powerful people to go crazy? That people were being attacked by one another? No, he took them in. He soon built a secret building in the middle of the forest to keep everyone hidden and safe- but of course it was too late and the disease was still silently spreading. He would travel the world looking for ‘his kind’ taking them to his home, trying to keep it all quiet. Thus the Thorton home was born- a home for the Vampires.”
I stared at him in awe, not saying a word. This was the first time he had spoken to me in hours since the incident.
Blake must have figured I wasn’t much for words at the moment, because he brushed passed me and began to walk off. I turned around and watched him as he headed to a black car that had, apparently, been sitting there waiting for us.
I bit the inside of my cheek, as I watched him walk ahead. Without looking back at her, I said, “I still have a lot of questions.”
“Why am I not surprised?” I hear her mutter loudly.


The car trip was quiet, we headed down a dirt road, and we saw nothing but trees. It was the most monotonous ride of my life. We rumbled loudly (in my opinion) further and further, and I began to wonder if this was just an elaborate trick to murder me without any witnesses, and they would bury my body out in the middle of no where.
But then, I saw it. It was impossible to miss. Huge brass gates connected to tall brick walls, with a cursive ‘T’ adding to the decor of the gates beauty. Behind the ginormous fencing was a marvelous, massive, elegant building. There were enormous windows scattered along the front of it. All around it were huge trees and a perfect lawn and more buildings surrounded it, only they were smaller.
My mouth was slightly parted in awe, when suddenly we stopped in front of the golden gates. Maybe I was dying, and going to heaven? Though, how could I of all people, make it to heaven? No noise indicated their opening, but the gates swung in, allowing the car to enter the premises.
We parked outside the exquisite mansion and the car’s engine was cut off, leaving us in an awkward quietness.
“Welcome,” said Miss Stevens (a bit nervously), “To Thorton Mansion.”
“Mansion,” I repeated in a whisper.


We entered the building through these two handsome doors. Once we got inside I saw that it wasn’t so much like a house-y mansion, but it looked kinda like… a college?
There were kids in the front of the house, just walking and chilling out, and I’m going to be honest, I was so not expecting that.
“This is a type of living room, though most of the students don’t usually hang around here if there’s too much sun. Darn those huge windows,” Miss. Stevens began walking like a tourist guide, and I guessed I was to follow her. She turned a corner that opened into a hall way, it was huge and very fancy, and doors littered through out it. Stevens stopped in front of a huge ‘entry’ way and held out a hand, motioning me to look through it.
I peeked over and saw a GIGANTIC cafeteria. Thousands of people were sitting in there, making loud noises and conversation. It wasn’t just teenagers either- there were adults, smaller kids, and clicks.
“This is where you’ll be eating lunch, there’s a bunch of other kids in here, and you’re allowed to come here whenever you want, but no screwing around.” She began down the hall again. I looked at the sea of people, totally baffled at the thought- Vampires, like me. Suddenly, that thought didn’t depress me as much as it had a few hours ago. I caught up with Miss Stevens when she pointed to random things saying stuff like, “Don’t touch that,” “Keep away from that door,” and, “Don’t you dare mess with that,” but I was too busy looking at all the open doors to see people laying a beds, looking completely normal, except that they’re all gorgeous and pale.
“Now, it’s time to find your room, I found someone without a room-mate today, she’s on the,” She whipped out a list of names and numbers- there were a lot.
“Okay, you’re on the second floor with Kelsey.” She said more to herself than me. Again, she started walking down the hall to some stairs, my Converse kept flapping onto the marble making a clap, clap, clap, clap noise.
“So remember, you live up the stairs, in the first hall, three doors over, to the right, your room is 98 and you’ll be sharing a room with Kelsey,” Stevens looked back at me, eyebrows raised daringly, “I’m sorry,” she whispered.
Oh joy I thought to myself, what kind of crazy girl was I getting stuck with?
“People who live down the same hall as you are: First, Zoey and Emmy, then Clara and, uh I forget her name, oh well, then you have Justin and Blake-.” She jabbed on and on, but I was slightly struck dumb at the thought of Blake and I having to live so close to one another. This could get… odd.
We reached the top of the steps and down the first hall, down three doors. It was open and weird pop music was coming from within. Miss Stevens knocked the wall of the room and said over the music, “Kelsey, turn down the music.”
No response. The music didn’t get any quieter, “Kelsey, this is your new room-mate, Roxanne.” She yanked on my shirt, pulling me into view. The room was weird, with bright colors, like pink and yellow, and there was a bed decorated with the same colors with flowers, polka-dots, and stuff. This was kind of going to cramp my style.
I then saw a girl who was probably around my age staring at me, I mean, glaring at me. She had platinum blonde hair that was pulled into a fancy, clipped hair-do. Her eyes were a sharp, but deep blue, and she was pretty short, but dressed like a model in a magazine. I could tell she was superficial from the moment I saw her pursed, super-red, lips. Her stance wasn’t that inviting either, apparently she had been rearranging her closet, because she had clothing items in each hand, which were now placed on her hips, looking me up and down disapprovingly.
“I want you to help her around the mansion, since she’s new, and all that jazz, got it?” Miss Stevens again pushed me, but this time inside the room. I felt like I’d been chucked into a lions den. Before she turned and left, Stevens called, “Play nice.” And was gone.
That left Kelsey and I staring at one another, I was trying to avoid any eye contact, but she was staring me down.
“So,” I tried to break the ice, “I take it I sleep on this bed?” I indicated the mattress with nothing on it. She wasn’t very chatty at the moment and continued to look unimpressed. Shrugging, I turned from her and poked the mattress to test its comfort. It would have to do. I sat down on it and looked at her, a sarcastic smile across my face that was to be read as, “What, this isn’t awkward!”
A deep sigh later, Kelsey was back to shuffling through clothes in her closet and ignoring me. I could learn to dig it.
“So,” I asked as obnoxiously as possible, “Where can a,” I stuttered on the word, “Vampire, find a bed sheet around this place?”
Another dramatic sigh and Kelsey turned to face me, an irritated expression across her model face. Her hands replaced themselves to her hips, and her ruby-red lips formed the words, “Okay, let’s get something straight.” Oh this is gonna be good.
“I don’t like punks, and your hair color says it all,” She switched position, “And if you pull any funny business, like say, whip cream my face or anything during my sleep I will personally see that your face will need surgery-help to be recognized as a person. Stay on your side of the room, my stuff is definitely off limits, and your witty comments are not appreciated and won’t be tolerated.”
“Any thing else, oh wise master,” I put my hands together, imitating a genie.
She rolled her eyes at me, “This kind of crap is what I’m talking about.”
I laughed, “Okay, dude, I’m just trying to lighten your mood. I mean this whole… Nazi act is too tense for me.”
“Yeah, well, get used to it, because your in my concentration camp.” Kelsey took a step toward me. “Where are you from anyways?”
“New York,” I shrugged.
“Figures,” She said smugly, “New York’s cities are full of scum.”
“Sure, there’s scum,” I get up off the bed, and walk toward her, “But us scum sure know how to give a good… butt whoopin’ when needed. We play by the street rules.” I so didn’t want to say butt.
“Is that right?” Kelsey’s eyes flashed, and she was fuming. I waited for her to say something else, but instead, she squealed out in frustration and left the room. I stood in the middle of this color-fest, totally confused on what to do next. So, I decided I’d take my own tour.
Walking out into the hallway again, I sort of stood there, not really sure which way I should go next. Then, I heard a bunch of yelling coming from one of the rooms and some guy busted from his room. He was walking fast and pushed past me without saying a word or acknowledging me. This place kept getting more and more crack-headed.
I began walking down the stairs, looking around at the beautiful architecture. When I had reached the bottom, I continued to look around and began walking toward where I had entered. Once I was again at the ‘living’ room, I saw a sign that pointed in the opposite direction to a laundry room. Bed sheets? I thought to myself and started toward it.
This place was really confusing and weird, and my room buddy is a brat- I think this is going to be one cool place.

Tagged? Say WHAT?

What's your favorite boy's name, and what's your favorite girl's name?
Boy: Blake
Girl: Roxanne

Who do you miss most right now?
Just my friends, I wish I were chillin' with them.
Do you sing in the shower?
Pssh, heck yaw! Why not? It's like singing in the rain!

What are some of your favorite movies and books?
Batman-YEAH BABY! Sherlock Holmes-BOSS! And books: Totally Harry Potter and Jayden Black's story!
Describe yourself as best you can in one sentence.
Insane, giggly, wack-o, artistic, spazzy, bored, etc.
Do you believe time travel is possible?
No, but it would be the best thing ever.
What were your favorite books as a child?
I read random books that I just looked at- didn't memorize their names.
Would you rather be hated by everybody but one person who loved you, or have everybody think you’re an okay person?
Uwm- Fail question- NEXT!
What's your guilty pleasure?
It's a secret... :)

If you could go back and redo one thing in your life, would you? What would it be and why?
Ick, too much thinking.