Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ignorance is Aliii-iive!

Hee hee, wow, I really suck at this "I'll hurry and write this" stuff! Haha, but here you go! I wrote something!

“Well, there’s this thing that vampires can go through-,” She began, but was cut off when a loud yelp came from the room next door. “Justin?” Clara called and got up looking worried. We walked into the hallway and down to the direction of his room. Peering into the doorway, we both saw Justin on his couch, standing, and holding a video game remote. He was jumping around, obviously dodging things that were going by on the T.V. What a dork.
I began laughing at the scene, at the same time Clara yelled, “Justin! What are you doing, you retard?”
“Retard?” He said in a reproachful voice, “I’ll have you know I am capable of speaking and thinking.” He was still staring at the screen as he defended his self.
“It sounded like you were being attacked,” Clara shook her head.
“I am! By these monstrosities that chase you around a steamy jungle while you search for your ship that you dropped out of when you were being attacked by-!”
“You know what, never mind,” Clara said, “Sorry I asked. Where’s Blake?”
“Blake?” Justin asked, processing, “Um, he is… I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since class.”
“Sounds like that’s been happening to everyone’s roommate, Clara,” I said, “So I bet Sadie’s alright. I mean, honestly, I wish mine were still missing.”
Both Clara and Justin laughed, and Clara seemed to ease up, “I guess you’re right. Well, see ya Justin.”
“Bye, bye!” He said distractedly.
We began back to Clara’s room, when we both stopped short. I should have known that Justin wasn’t the one who smelt that good. I was staring into his shirt, which was black by the way, before I let my gaze slowly meet his. Aw dang. He still looked good.
“Clara, Roxy, what did I do to deserve such a pleasure?” Blake asked in his usual smooth accent.
“We thought that Justin was being attacked, but it turns out he was just squealing like a girl at his video game,” Clara snickered as she rolled her eyes.
“Was not!” came the reply from behind us.
Blake rolled his eyes as well, “Ah, his video games. Why don’t you just kill me now?”(He and Clara laugh… creepy irony) “Well, anyways, plenty of homework to do, talk to you two lovely ladies later.”
“See ya!” Clara called casually, while I gave a mumbled, “Later.”
Back in her room, Clara leaped onto her bed without letting out an exhale of relaxation. It’s sad to see that Vampirism takes out the pleasure of the simple things. I sat on the opposite bed and allowed my head to rest in my hands.
“Clara!” exclaimed a small voice, “I’m coming in!”
Emmy stepped into the room, a huge smile on her face, “Hey Roxy! How are you? What are you up to? Are you and Clara telling secrets? I didn’t mean to come in and interrupt; I just wanted to talk to you guys because I was so-!”
“Hey Emmy,” Clara interrupted, but in a calm, kind voice.
“S’up Em?” I asked.
“Em?” Her face lit up, “No one’s given me a nickname. I guess they assume ‘Emmy’ is short enough, but I just always felt like it was too formal or something! I mean, what if everyone called you Roxanne all the time, you know? You’d feel all fancy or something-!”
“Anyways,” Clara halted her unrelenting speech, “What did you want to talk about?”
“Well, I did want to talk about our assignment, but I don’t want to talk about homework anymore,” She glanced in my direction, “Why don’t we do something fun instead?”
“What kind of stuff is there to do around here?” I asked, trying not to sound too desperate.
“There’s a sports center, like, a gym place,” Clara suggested.
“And then there’s the backyard, it’s full of trees and stuff,” Emmy added.
“There’s TV’s and stuff in some people’s rooms.”
“You could go down to the art studio!”
“Then there’s the cafeteria where you eat.”
“Wow,” I said, “ There’s more to this place than I thought.