Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help, Please?

Why is it so hard? Writing more to your book? I even know what I want to happen, but I can't express it through writing!! :/ Do you guys mind helping me out? Write a few lines of my book for me, help me with some inspiration?! I want to get Roxy to a point where she becomes more aquainted with all the characters that I've intoduced (Clara, Emmy, Zoey, Blake and Justin). HELP?!?! It'd be much appreciated! Be as creative as you want! Thanks!


  1. (Some random jump in time)

    Walking down the hall, my head was spinning with the news (um, I don't really know, you can insert your own news, cause I'm just following my instincts). I was so caught up in the spin of my thoughts that the figure of a person right in front of me didn't register until our bodies made an awkward collision.

    "Sorry!" I squeaked, daring to look to see the unfortunate soul I had crashed into.

    He was two or three inches above my height, with dark brown hair that waved and curled. His eyes, with a light of shock and amusement, were a rich brown as well. To me it seemed like he was the average abnormal teen.

    "That's one heck of an interesting greeting."

    Huh. That's one heck of an interesting comment. Wait a moment, let me go define sarcasm for those of you who can't seem to pick it up.

    I tried to slid around this new guy, when he suddenly grinned at me. Instantly my innards felt like melted butter: warm and slippery. It was neither enthralling nor unpleasing. It just simply was. The odd sensation froze me in my tracks.

    "Should I start over with a proper greeting," I tried my hand at wit with mixed results. He grinned again.

    "How about I'll start. I'm Nathan." He held out his hand. "Don't worry, I won't bite."

    "Hilarious," I shook his hand, struggling not to grin. I was unsuccessful, and smiled grandly.

    Nathan smiled once more at me before he started to walk down the hall. Over his shoulder he called, "See you around."

    "I hope so." The cursed words were out of my mouth before I could snatch them back. My cheeks flamed and I spun to walk briskly away.

    Meh. That's all I have. I don't know the major details of what Nathan's role might be, but I think I like him very much. And I don't know what news would send her head spinning, so have fun with those bits. Hope you liked it!

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  4. OOOO, a new guy coming in the picture? I've been considering that method for a while now. Thanks Icewolf! :D

  5. You are welcome my fellow author. ;D

  6. I rubbed my temples, attempting to suppress a migrain, but failing. Clara noticed my discomfort and commented, "Roxie? Are you alright?"
    "Yes," I struggled to say, "I'm fine. I think I might go outside for a minute? Want to come?"
    "Sure!" she said, as chipper as could be.
    I laughed shyly as Clara got up and glided from the room. "Let's go!" she laughed.
    I followed her down a grand staircase and to the large double doors I had almost forgotten.
    My friend stepped out as if she had no memory of...
    well, what she was.
    The landscaping on the house was beautiful and looked almost, untouched. Clara led me off the cobblestone walkway and into a grove. We walked together in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the sanctity of the woods.
    Clara stopped suddenly and looked suspiciously up a tree, she smiled.
    "What?" I asked.
    The dark-haired vampire reached up into the tree and came out with a bright red apple in hand.
    Her grin broadened and she turned it over and over; but her smile didn't last long. It faded into a frown, her eyes sparkling with longing and regret.
    "You remember? Don't you?" she whispered.
    "Remember what?" I asked, confused.
    "What they taste like," Clara sighed, "Apples."
    I touched the shiny, red sphere and sighed, "Yeah, yeah I do."
    I bit my lip, trying to hold back the question I oh-so wanted to ask. "Clara, what's your story?"
    She stopped dead, her body going rigid. I immediately wished the words back into my mouth, but before I could apologize, she spoke.
    "I didn't come alone." she said evenly, "I was in love once, if you can believe it." her hand fell to her side, "I looked at someone the way you look at Blake...at one time in my life."
    Now I really wished I hadn't said anything, I wanted to comfort her, but didn't dare breath a word.
    "I am an older vampire, from the old days when biting was the way to go..." she paused, "His name was Ethan. He was walking me home one night when we met a stranger. We tried to avoid him, but he was persistant in talking to us. Ethan soon got angry and told the man to leave now. The stranger killed him right then and there...in front of me. I was so scared. Then, I was bitten...I learned to take care of myself from then on, I was tougher and stronger than I used to be. I pity what I used to be..." I thought she might cry, but a few moments after she was through she chucked the apple into the orhard. The red sphere flew into a tree and shattered like glass. Anger flashed in Clara's eyes.

    And that's it...I don't know if you like it!! But...still!!

  7. Thanks Jade!! :D Your writings are helping me a lot, you guys!