Monday, October 4, 2010


Heh, heh, sorry about THE SUPER LOOOOONG WAIT people. Thanks for your patience, and here ya'll go: Ignorance.

“Wow,” I said, “There’s more to this place than I thought. Where are your favorite places to chill out?”
“Eh, mostly in my room, but I’m a bookworm,” Clara shrugged.
Emmy spewed, “Well, I like to watch TV sometimes, but it gets kind of boring, and the cafeteria is a lot of fun if your friends are all there, and the backyard is fun just to be outside, since we don’t get to do that a whole lot, because of all the sun! But Zoey likes to go to the art studio and-!”
“Does she ever breath?” I asked before I could stop myself. Then it hit me. Both of them started laughing at my ‘pun’. Being a new vampire isn’t exactly easy, when one is used to witty human sarcasm.
Clara regained her composure first and asked, “Well, what did you assume people around here did for hundreds of years?”
“I don’t know,” I answered honestly, “When I think vampires, sports, art and T.V. aren’t part of the picture.”
Emmy giggled, “Yeah, the older vampires still don’t completely accept the newer technologies.”
Clara laughed, “You got that right. I was playing with my iPod the other day and this random oldie came out of no where and started sputtering about who-knows-what! I couldn’t understand him through the spit and loose dentures!”
I grinned, “Wow. Who’s the oldest vampire here?”
Thoughtfully, Clara tapped a finger on her chin, “I think it’s the old owner’s wife,” she turned to Em, “She’s still here, right?”
“Yeah,” Em confirmed, “She’s so pretty. But she’s kind of grouchy.”
“I think I’ve met her,” I said, “In the library.”
“She spends a lot of time in there. I think ever since her husband died, she doesn’t want to deal with real people. I mean live forever without your husband? And he made you this way? What a smack-in-the-face, you know?” Clara shifted on the bed, making it creak.
“Yeah I bet,” I nodded, “… but what about you guys?”
“How old are you guys?” I asked, sincerely curious.
Both Em and Clara smiled.
“Don’t worry, Rox,” Clara said, “We’re not as old as you’re probably thinking.”
“Yeah, they separate older vampires from the young ones,” Em chimed, “This side of the building is full of the youngies- like if you’ve been a vamp. 10 years or less.”
“Really?” I was shocked, “That’s pretty cool.”
“Anyways, I turned into a vampire when I was sixteen, which was two years ago.” Clara’s face darkened at the thought.
“And I turned,” Em exclaimed, “when I was eleven, which was a year ago!”

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